Dilated eyes

How do you guys read your insulin pump when your eyes are dilated? I always had my eye appointments in the afternoon but, today I have an appointment late morning. I'm not sure how I'll read my pump for my lunch bolus. I'm bringing a magnifying glass hoping that will help.

My experience is that my dilated eyes are sensitive to light but my vision itself is not affected. As long as you don't try to read it in really bright sunlight you should not have a problem.

Your pupils dilate to adjust the amount of light entering the eye. Dilation makes your pupils open wide and possibly causing too much light to enter the eye, but it doesn't cause blurred vision or focus problems.

I'm not sure what kind of eye drops they're putting in my eyes because not long afterwards I can't read a thing. My eyes get very blurry and very sensitive to light. I can't even read the TV screen that's in the waiting room. BTW...I reschedule my appointment today because they had a sign on the door saying, expect longer than normal waiting time reschedule if necessary.

The dilation drops I recieve now are not nearly as bad as 20+ years ago. These ones wear off much faster. I have never had a problem with dklation, however 1.5 years ago my young son scratched off 60% of my cornea while we were reading a book. This is a painful injury that you would not wish on most of your enemies. I spent 2-3 days in the dark crying. I had my wife read my meter and pump from time to time when it was too much for me to open my eyes. I would tell her to repeat the numbers ad nauseum until she wantend to hit me. I suggest finding a reliable friend to help out if possible.

Maybe, my eyes are just sensitive because my eyes stay dilated for about 9 hours afterwards. Wow...60%! That sounds painful! When I was a child, playing at a friends house in the dark, someone stuck there finger nail in my eye. So, my mother called the eye doctor to make an appointment and told them that I had stuck a "nail" in my eye. They told me to go in right away. No waiting! I don't think they were too happy with us when they found out it was a fingernail and not a nail. But, there was a language barrier that caused the confusion. LOL