DIP Program Week 3

Thursday, 20th March was Week 3 of the DIP Program.

I was very upset because I couldn’t attend that day! I had been so good all week I was looking forward to weighing in and learn more about Carbs & low GI foods, which was the subject for week 3.

The reason I had to stay home was that the night before my freezer died. I thought it was going to catch fire, there was a loud noise and then the house started to fill with smelly smoke. I pulled it away from the wall and unplugged it but the smoke wouldn’t stop coming out of this little black box in the back of it so I started to panic and yelled for my son to come quickly. I was ready to push it out the door so if it caught fire at least it would not burn the house down. My son was a little more calm than me and tried to explain that as long as it was unplugged from the socket it would be ok. I still wasn’t too sure so I sat there and watched it until the smoke stopped.

The following morning I called the insurance to see if they would cover any damage and they said they would but that I had to pay the first $100. They told me to call a repairer and then send them the bill.
Well I waited half the day and the repairer finally came. It ended up being a relay and cost $125 so it wasn’t worth claiming it on my insurance. Anyway, by the time I had everything done it was too late to attend the week 3 meeting.