Disappearing trend arrow?

Congrats on your dex !!!

Yes, I’m very pleased. Here’s hoping I no longer pass out a few times a day (fingers crossed). I finally decided that I needed one, and I was going to pay for it, no matter how much it cost.

Don’t let the missing arrow throw you off. The dex shows you all the information that it knows about. Looking at the graph it is not hard to guess where the next dot will be. When the arrow is missing I can tell what kind of arrow it should be.

The missing arrow is a software problem. DexCom cannot fix the software without going through a FDA approval process which is lengthy and costly. The result is that minor software problems don’t get fixed. I am pretty sure that DexCom has fixed the software a long time ago but cannot release the fix to customers because of the FDA. In fact, if it was not for the FDA your sensor would be a Gen4 sensor which is smaller and more accurate. This Gen4 sensor will be available in Europe this month, in the US not until next year. I am so glad that here in the US I am not a Guinea pig and I am forced to use the previous generation technology while people outside of the US are exposed to the risks of a more accurate sensor (not to mention the dreadful software fix for the missing arrow). End of rant.

Ah, I love you, Head Gear! I do follow the graph, it’s just, with my tendency to fall and rise very quickly, a couple of times, I’ve been nicely heading up, so I figure things are fine. I look a little later, and the graph has humped and started plummeting. If the trend arrows were working, I could get the alarm that warned me I was falling that quickly.

Basically, though, what you’re telling me is that it’s too dang bad, and I just have to wait till next year?

Yes. You are out of luck with this one. I forgot about the alarms. I turned these alarms off a long time ago. Too much action (vibration) in my pocket. In the beginning I saw a lot of double arrows. A sign that my control was not good. Over time the double arrows disappeared, then the single straight up/down arrows disappeared. These days 45 degree arrows is as fast as I go. Most of the time I see a horizontal arrow. This is a natural progression. It is inevitable to improve at this game.

I can only hope. I just need to convince my doctor to give me a pump - I think that would help. Until then, I’ll just try to remove the double-arrows.

I was surprised how little difference the pump made. I used the dex for 6 months with shots.