DIsappointed in One Drop, strips not shipping as promised

I subscribed to One Drop several months ago. In the beginning things were great. Now I cannot seem to get strips. Last month I ordered 300, never received them. Instead I got a kit with 100, never received the other 200. I ordered strips on July 30, 2017 and once again it looks like none have shipped. I have had to decrease testing because I have so few strips. I paid $39.95 for this convenience and the assurance that I would never run out of strips. Apparently that is no longer true, but the billing department is definitely working well as they charge the credit card promptly on the same day every month.

I realize no one on TuDiabetes can assist with this.

I am hoping someone working for One Drop will see this and rectify this situation. I have contacted One Drop, but their response time is not the best lately either. .

Wow! That really sucks on their part. I’m sorry you have to go through all of this hassle. It’s much more than an inconvenience. Do you have an old meter and strips still around to cover while they sort out their stuff?

I don’t know much about the company but it sounds a bit like start-up cash-flow blues. In any case, have you tried posting your complaint on their Facebook page? I’ve found that gets the attention of customer support better than phone calls and emails. It’s like posting a sign on their front door.

I tried to post on their Facebook page, but was unable to do so. I am so aggravated. I sent an email complaint via their "help support page’.

Initially when I signed up, strips were sent out the next business day after the order was placed.

Last month “Andrea” responded when no strips were sent and wrote saying that "They were having carrier problems, but if I needed some strips they would “try” to send some. They never did. Fed Ex, UPS and USPS don’t have problems, so I don’t believe that either.

Her new reply to my recent complaint: They now have 5-10 business days before they will ship the strips after an order is placed. I have never run across any business that does that, other than “infomercial products” and even those businesses ship faster than that.

If I had known this would happen I never would have bought the meter and subscribed. Thankfully, I did not pay for a year in advance.

Warning to anyone considering subscribing: DON’T.


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Hi @JoAnn2,

I work at One Drop, and would love to get you sorted ASAP. I am so sorry for the frustrating experience you’ve had so far, but I can rectify the situation for you immediately. I will overnight you strips today :wink: I am having trouble finding you in our system, though, given the little information in this forum. Please send me a ticket via our support page and address it to me (Mary Elizabeth): Support - One Drop Diabetes and Chronic Condition Management

You can also email me directly at maryelizabeth@onedrop.today. I will be on the lookout for your note, and look forward to getting more test strips out to you today! I really appreciate you reaching out on here to alert us to the issue and let us resolve it for you.

We did experience a major delay from our carrier which caused shipment delays on our end, but we do have a normal 5-10 business day delivery time. Some people receive strips 1 business day after placing their order, while others may receive it 10 days later, which is why (to be safe) we disclose a 5-10 business day range. We hope to get that number down to 1-2 business days, and we will let you know once that changes :slight_smile:

Again, I am so sorry for the major delay and any lack of communication on our end. We do not want you to be in this kind of predicament. As soon as I hear from you, we can get the ball rolling and get you more strips. I look forward to hearing from you!

Mary Elizabeth


Hi @JoAnn2,

Just wanted to reach out to you again on here - I haven’t seen a support ticket or email come through, but I want to be absolutely certain you are all taken care of :slight_smile: Please reach out to me on our support page (Support - One Drop Diabetes and Chronic Condition Management) or over email (maryelizabeth at onedrop dot today), and I will get you all sorted.

Thank you!
Mary Elizabeth

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Hi @JoAnn2,

Wanted to jump in again to make sure you’d seen my past messages :slight_smile: Let me know what we can do to help!

Mary Elizabeth

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Hi there @JoAnn2,

I wanted to follow-up again, as I haven’t seen anything come through from you, nor have our Experts. I would love to get you all sorted and make sure you never experience issues like you’ve described above again! We are here to help :slight_smile: Please reach out to me via our Help Page (Support - One Drop Diabetes and Chronic Condition Management) or over email (maryelizabeth@onedrop.today), and I will make sure you have everything you need.

All my best,
Mary Elizabeth

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