Disaster Averted

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Rarely do I ever get too excited about my diabetes. I just kind of let it ride and don’t get worked up with what is going on. If I’m low I eat, if I’m high I correct. Yesterday however I got about as freaked out as I have been since my first week as a diabetic. If you follow me on twitter (@diabeticallymn) I tweeted about this. I always look at my pump line a couple times a day to make sure there aren’t any obvious kinks or anything wrong with the line itself. Any air bubbles at any time in the pump line can create a pretty good spike since the size of 1 unit of insulin is 0.01 mL and an air bubble is pretty comparable. Before I walk on to field to umpire I really inspect the line to make sure there are no air bubbles in the line because with a temporary basal rate decrease of 20% when my basal rate is at its lowest point during the day (0.775 units/hr) any air bubbles can create a pretty decent spike in my BG. Yesterday as I was walking out to the field I checked my line and I had an air bubble that took up 2.5 inches of tubing about an inch from my infusion site. The was a holy crap near freak out moment and I nearly…

SuFu, Ph.D.