Discounts on Strips?

I’m using Dex and old school Omnipod PDM. I have a box or so of Freestyle strips left for Dex backup, but my Contour strips are gone. Insurance wont cover. Any good deals out there?I haven’t had to purchase for about two years. I think Amazon has 100 Contour strips for $29, but only 50 Freestyle for about the same.

I have seen some ads from Contour saying that you can buy the strips direct at a discount. Might be worth your time to check on this.

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Thanks I sure will check it out! The best deal I ever had was the My Sugr bundle, but now with Dex I would never use it up!

How many strips/day are you using? I’ve gone way down since the transition to Dexcom G6, like maybe one a day, first thing in the a.m., b/c that’s when I usually see the biggest divergence (thanks Dawn Phenom!). It did take me a while to reach that level of trust but a 50-count vial of ContourNext strips now lasts more than a month. I have to put my order on hold or I’m buried in the things.

That’s a pretty good price, and recently was much higher.

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Not many at all. It’s more that I want to have some in the car, some upstairs and some downstairs. But that’s just me…lol…

I hear ya. I’m all about the zombie apocalypse back up supply of everything myself.

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