Displaying my bg on facebook

Hi, so this morning I woke up a 3.1, been in hypo for a couple of hours, for the second time in the night, 2 night in a row. Anyways, my father decided to be more present and help me with my diabetes, so each bg I take I have to send him. This morning he was proud of me so he posted my bg on facebook saying how proud he was of me for battling diabetes for 16 years. First of all I have been diabetic for 13 years, second, what if I didnt woke up? He is just using me to feel better and to look like a good father to his “friends/follower”. I dont know what to tell him, I feel so angry he is displaying my life for his benefit. What should I do or tell him?

Tell him … “Thank-you for taking an interest !! Thank-you for caring !!”


My 19-year daughter isn’t diabetic (I’m the diabetic) but she hates hates hates it when I post her artwork on my Facebook page.

As a dad to three teenagers I’d like to assure you that no matter how stupid us dads are about Facebook that we do it because one, we care about you, and two, we’re too stupid to know any better about posting your stuff on Facebook.


Umm… totally reasonable to tell your dad that you’re happy to keep sending blood sugars, but that given they are your personal medical info, you would prefer his not posting/sharing that publicly. Say you appreciate his intent was good, but that it was uncomfortable for you. Tell him that you want to keep doing this thing where you send him blood sugar readings, but for that to work, you need to be able to trust that he will keep that info to himself (and to your doctor or other family members directly involved in your care) from now on please.

I would find it SUPER invasive and uncomfortable if anyone did that to me, no matter what their intent was.


Tell him - “I feel so angry he is displaying my life for his benefit.”

Sorry you are feeling this way, it does look like you are aware he was proud. Yay for a father who decided to be present, but it is totally okay to tell him that you don’t want your details published on Social Media.

Take care and I hope you get a handle on the hypo issue.


Thank you everyone for your advices, he finally called later to ask if what he did was okay because I didnt liked his post… I explained to him why I didnt like it and he aplogized, so all ended well!


Obviously, your father knows how to read you quite well. Once you can demonstrate that you have what it takes, he’ll probably leave you to your own devices. In the mean time, concentrate on what you have to do to maintain yourself and enjoy the resultant lifestyle. For your own good, don’t stew over it.