Disposing of Pens

What do you do with the empty pens? I’m starting to get a collection of them and don’t want to do something that I shouldn’t with them…

Gosh - really - you have empty pens? I am still have the same ones - made of metal mind you (look like a fancy fountain pen when I pull them out to inject … very discrete like) - that I got in the beginning when pen insulin cartridges were available here in Canada. The only ones I don’t think will last as long are the Lantus pens - they are cheaply made IMHO.

That’s a good question tho’ - what to do with the empty pens. Make a piece of artwork for Tudiabetes?

lol… yeah, mine are plastic and disposable… just don’t know how disposable… I just switched from syringes to pens about 2 weeks ago and have 5 empties right now… hmmm… what kind of artwork… lol

yeah, mine aren’t very discrete… pretty obvious that’s it something other than a pen!

I forgot to add… yes Dave, i did google it and I can’t find the answer… lol :slight_smile:

That is a good question Elizabeth. I always just threw mine away. Now I am questioning if that was proper or not. Maybe they should have been recycled? I googled it and yahoo’d it and could come up with nothing.

I’ve just been throwing it in the trash… I’ve had some insulin go bad because of heat exposure, and I always make sure that there’s absolutly no insulin left in the pens before I throw them away, but still just normal trash

Do they fit in a sharps container? Or I know my city’s website has instructions for how medical waste can be disposed of - I believe that heavy orange juice jugs and coffee cans are considered acceptable according to my particular city ordinances.

Let me know if you find out. I was just throwing them away. Recently I dispose like I do sharps.

They won’t fit in my actual sharps container, but I could get a coffee can or something to put them in. I couldn’t find anything even when i googled marietta, ga…

I just throw mine in the trash…never thought about potential hazzards…

the ones i used to use are metal, and do just look like normal pens, unless you look closely, i have just kept mine, some as spares for if my pump goes, and other just in the cupboard, i’ve never thought about how i should dispose of them, if i ever wanted too,
do your medical team have any ideas?

Mine aren’t metal. They are plastic. Here’s a picture-

There are some re-fillable pens if you decide to use them. I know the NovoPen Jr (which also gives half units) is!

In Georgia you can use a coffee can or 2 liter soda bottle if you don’t use a sharps container. When filled you need to tape it up really well and write SHARPS - DO NOT RECYCLE on them and toss them in the regular trash.

I didn’t know there’s ones with half units! When I used syringes, I’d do half units from time to time…

Awesome! Thanks! I tried finding that online, but couldn’t…