I was at the gym and was running a little low during my workout and a lot more low by the time I finished (the glucose I ate wasn't enough). I tested: 47 mg/dL I walked back to my lab and crunched on some more glucose tabs, then sat in a daze for a few minutes. I tested: 122 mg/dL. Peeked at the Dexcom which said holding steady at 43 mg/dL. Stuck my finger again: 82 mg/dL.

Some days I think that a cure is a nice thought, but how will that be managed when we can't even get accurate testing?

Ugh I'm so with you. Came up from a horrid low today and waited a bit to test again because I felt terrible. First finger: 84. I still felt low so I used the same drop of blood after wiping my finger and got 66. Decided to try another finger and got 139 and then 93. I was not near a sink but I had rinsed with water and then wiped with alcohol. My meter is 3 months old.

You might want to stop with the alcohol, as there are a lot of studies suggesting that residual isopropanol on the skin can affect blood glucose readings. Just soap and water and dry well.

But yes, it's frustrating when readings can vary so much. When coming up from a low I try to wait before testing, and I wait a little more if I treated with something starchy like crackers rather than sugary like juice.

I don't usually use alcohol. I only did because I was out and there was no sink! Yes frustration...