DIY 2 unit Afrezza cartridges

I was bored Friday morning sitting at home with a cold, so I took a shot at making 2u Afrezza cartridges from 4u cartridges. I used the process from one of the YouTube videos. I wasted a few 4u cartridges before I got the hang of it but eventually produced two 2u cartridges.

I tested one with my BG starting at 140 to see how far it would drop. I only use Afrezza for corrections. My BG has to be 200+ with a 4u cartridge or there’s a good chance of going low. The 2u cartridge resulted in a 70 point drop so I’ll call this a success.

There was a bit of powder still in the cup after inhalation. I never look at that when I use 4u cartridges, so maybe that’s normal? If not I suspect the powder either got compressed or picked up moisture in the splitting process forming clumps.

Without an analytical balance to weigh the powder you can only visually ballpark the split. I did best I could, but there’s no way to know how much is actually in the cartridges.

So I’ll try the second cartridge I made today for a mealtime bolus and make a few more for additional tests.

Making the cartridges is relatively straightforward and reasonably fast. If all works out I may add 2u cartridges to my arsenal.

While you would need a scale that weighs very small increments the amount of insulin in a 4 unit cartridge is 0.35mg. I can’t remember how much is in the 8 unit cartridges but the 12 unit ones have 1mg.

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Yes, well over $1000 even for a low end used model with necessary capabilities. I had several in the labs I managed, but alas, I’m retired. But I’m not going back to work for a balance :grinning: