DIY closed-loop systems coming to OmniPod!


I am sure there are a few about whom you wouldn’t feel so guilty after all :slight_smile:


It’s time to start bulking those pods. :slight_smile: I am really looking fwd to this, after 1 year of perfect looping with Loop, Riley and Minimed.


Wow, this is great news! Great engineering work indeed! I’ll be one of the guinea pigs!


Looking forward to this. Looping for the past 1.5 years and loving it.


Me, too. I’m up for a new pump as well, and my province just recently started covering OmniPod for everyone with insulin-dependent diabetes, regardless of age (or diabetes type). This would make that option very, very tempting.


Some screenshots from iOS integration have already been posted on Gitter, and it looks promising. It is possible to activate a pod, give command on bolus, temp basal, control the beeping from the pod etc.
The only less good thing is that with current pods we still need a “modem”, the RileyLink, to enable the communication between the phone (bluetooth) and the pod (radio). But with the future bluetooth enabled Dash-pods, we may only need the phone and the pod, which would be the dream setup. Later on, maybe a smartwatch will be enough (subject to software and battery limitations).