Dizziness after vitrectomy?

I had a vitrectomy done about 2 weeks ago, I’m not sure but it feels like I have some pressure in my eye, and behind it, and when I stand up, I feel dizzy, light headed and out of breath, my heart rate is 114, should I call my dr?

Yes, I would report the symptoms to your doctor as soon as possible. Do you have a fever?

No, no fever

Have you felt these symptoms since the procedure date or are they something new? If it were me, I would call the doctor’s office now. Most offices have an on-call physician to cover off-hour questions and emergencies. Good luck!

I just started feeling these symptoms for the first time this morning

These are the kind of events where doctors, looking back on an incident, will ask, “Why didn’t you call me sooner?” Your eyesight is about as high stakes as it gets and dizziness can threaten your personal safety.

Your eye has gone through great trauma with The vitrctomy. You are going to go through a wide range of sensations and stages with your recovery. Give yourself time to heal. Two weeks wasn’t that long ago.

I remember I had pain in one eye for months after the procedure. A phone call to the doctor isn’t a bad idea.

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A very simple test, tonometry, can determine whether your intra-ocular pressure is elevated.

I went to the er Sunday, my eye pressure was 56! I couldn’t stop throwing up, they did an emergency vitrectomy (again) and this time she says I have no new bleeds, so hopefully my eye has stabilized after this.


That’s more than three times higher than what your intraocular pressure should be! Interestingly, a converse relationship has been found between elevated intraocular pressure and retinopathy, since higher fluid pressures in the eye seem to discourage neovascularization growth. But 56 is going too far.

Does this indicate a botched first vitrectomy? I’m very, very careful about which doctors I let do any type of surgeries on me. I’m lucky that I have an RN in the family–when I don’t know who to pick, she does. Keeps me safe.