Dizziness with Trulicity

I have been using trulicity for 3 months and liked it. Going into the 4th month I started to experience dizziness or my equilibrium not being steady. If I get up too quick I feel my body not being steady. Sometimes I have felt my legs feeling like 1000 lbs to move. I am not “sick” or ill. I feel fine and very coherent.

I am not going to take the inject this week to see if the symptoms subside.

Has anybody else had this experience.

I don’t see that symptom listed as a side effect so I’m wondering why you have associated the onset of a symptom specifically with the usage of Trulicity.

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Maybe this helps. Its pretty common especially with metformin over 2% get dizzy. https://www.ehealthme.com/ds/trulicity/dizziness/

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@Christalyn, blood pressure tablets can cause this too. When you get up you need to sit on the side of the bed for a little time or you may faint.

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Low blood pressure can cause “lightheadedness” or “faintness”; the OP didn’t mention that. They mentioned equilibrium. that’s a totally separate and distinct symptom.

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I had that same feeling a year ago and found out it was an inner ear problem called BPPV and not associated with medications. I had it for about a month and it went away. I did go see an ear nose throat (ENT) doctor about it.

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Me too. VERY annoying! My wife currently gets it in bed. I’ve had it so bad I’ve had to quickly sit on the floor. I can’t even see straight when it’s bad. I went to a doc who put had me lie back really fast to try to dislodge the particles inside the ear. It went on for more than a couple months, but in a more mild form than the-world-is-spinning-like-a-top acuteness. the residual symptom was like my wife, equilibrium upset when changing positions in bed.

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thank for this. I have been taking BP pills on and off for several years and never experienced dizzy or light heated issues till I started on the 4 month with trulicity.

All the other meds I have been on for several years and never experienced any type of dizziness. So I figure after using trucility for 3 months perhaps my body is rejecting it or getting use to it.

@dannonebr My boss had suggested that it could be an inner ear issue. But it started all of a sudden though.

i LOOKED AT THAT REPORT…I am really scared…
I am no way near 60…but I am prime position for dizziness per that report. I use metformin, Lantus, female, i have only gotten head aches in the middle torward the back of my head since the dizzy started.

Yep, mine started all of a sudden as well. I woke up one day at 4 AM to go to the restroom and I was fine. Two hours later when I was getting up to go to work then BAM, I tried to get up and got so dizzy I fell on the floor out of bed. As I laid there I thought, what the ??? After that for a while anytime I got up from a chair, bed or twisted my head fast it hit me. At first I went to my regular MD and got started on an antibiotic and prednisone. I got a little better but still wasn’t satisfied so a month later I drove 150 miles to my ENT and he figured it out right away and it was BPPV. He said it would go away and a week or so later it did. I’d still go to a good ENT doctor. If you are near Omaha NE go to Dr. Brett Thedinger, he is one of the best. It could be the trulicity, there are other drugs out there that do about the same thing as truicity that may help. I take .75 trulicity as well as 2500 mg of met, 75 units of lantus and a bit of humalog. I’m a 61 year old guy who has been T2 for 12 years and an A1C <6.4 and can still do anything I could at 40 with no other health issues or complications (yet). The met works good but it does have side effects, especially for the first couple of years. I also go to a massage therapist once a month for a full body massage and walk 10-12K steps a day,

Christalyn - My intend was not to scare you but make you aware. In general nothing good comes of the antiglycemics. Thats why the ADA currently has a “Step” program. The assumption is over time many will progress and use insulin. You are already using a basal but in general the T2 should be put on a prandial but not according to the Step program.

The issue with diabetes is your body is not producing enough insulin for its needs. The first thing you lost was the robust release at meal time. The best way to treat this is with a meal time prandial but the fear has always been hypos and needles. Hypos are a real concern.

There is now a new prandial when used with no antiglycemics and no basal, its really hard getting a hypo. In many cases the PWD can be taken off the basal over time. It really depends on how much beta cell functionality you have left.

This new prandial is inhaled human insulin called afrezza. Its not an analog. Its the same insulin your body would naturally make. Most doctors are not prescribing it but many are not even aware it and its advantages. Its currently only available in the U.S. and insurance coverage at this point is spotty and its not cheap. Its also not for use by thsoe with COPD.

If you can’t get the afrezza, you should think about an RAA. Potential long term effectsTo quote Dr. Ralph Defronzo who 30 years about was one of the biggest proponents of metformin but through experience has now found -

“The most waste in type 2 diabetes is to continuously put people on metformin and sulfonylureas (glyburide, glimepiride, etc.). These drugs have no protective effect on the beta cell, and by the time you figure out what you’re doing, there are no beta cells left to save.” – Dr. Ralph DeFronzo (University of Texas Health Science Center)

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that sounds like my routine…

after i became vegan i lost 30 poundsl with diet and going to the gym. I assume I will have to step it up some more.

Since I haven’t taken the trucility med today. the dizziness seems to be subsiding…

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