DM3 and Daily Statistics report - Error when Print

I’m using the DM3 software and getting error when trying to ‘print’ the Daily Statistics report WITHOUT the pie charts. (there is a checkbox on DM3 screen to include or not).
Works fine when I have it checked, and the report goes to MS Word document when I pick Print.

But when I uncheck the box, I get the error below. Have contacted Dexcom tech support, but so far they have been unable to help.

I am using Vista 64 bit OS, and Word 2007. Dexcom version

Anyone else Printing this report ‘without’ pie charts and having success ?

Wow, just tried it and got the same error you did. I’ll call dexcom too, maybe 2 voices will push things along!

Thanks ! that will help greatly.

I contacted them via email, to the techsupport email provided on their website. They did respond quickly, and followed up with a phone call. But no solution yet.

Sorry, its a glitch in the DM3 software. Essentially saying that when you dont have those images included in the report its leaves empty data that the report is looking for. It then stops (halts) and gives you the error. The only folks that will be able to fix this is Dexom as its part of their library and their code that needs to be fixed.

Print it with the reports is the answer. Oh and harass dexcom about this bug.

Definitely harass dexcom. They need to fix this for Pat!!!

Pat, if you really need it without the pie charts, why not print screen, paste in a graphics program and crop them out.

Thanks. Yes, I’ve done something similar - ‘print’ to Word with pie chart, then cut and paste to Excel, where I can easily omit or delete the pie chart pics before printing. So now I can get 1 page instead of 5.

But hope Dex will admit it’s their bug and fix it. Now that I know others have same problem, I have a better chance convincing them it’s their problem.

I get the same problem with Vista Home Basic (ugh) and Word 2003. Because the report is a Word table, here is an easier work around:

  • Create the report with the pie charts
  • When it opens in Word, click in any cell in the first column (I used the column heading, "Target Chart")
  • Choose the Table menu
  • Choose Delete
  • Choose Columns

Using all my data, 29 pages collapsed to 5 pages. Let me know if this works for you in Word 2007.

BTW, based on the error message, it looks like Dexcom is using a third party product, "aspose". What do you think?

Hi Brad,
thanks. At Dexcom’s suggestion, I switched my folder default to open Word Viewer instead of MS word, so will have to reset that to try your suggestion. But actually, using excel was great, since I could then create my own graph, tracking my daily average !

I agree that the problem is with the DM3 program, that is ‘calling’ the Aspose product. When I checked the Aspose website (as suggested in the error message), I learned more about it. Definitely something that can only be fixed/prevented by Dexcom, even though we have found several work-arounds.


I finally got a call back from Dexcom support, and they acknowledged it was a ‘bug’ in the DM3 program. However, they were unable to confirm whether it would be fixed in the next release.

In the meantime, I have an acceptable workaround.