DME companies that sell Dexcom & Omnipod

Can everyone give me the name of the Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers that you use ?

My son is out of college and has new insurance this year. His new company has also transferred him across country in a rotational program.

When he called his new insurance company to inquire about ordering his supplies, they sent him a list of 66 suppliers within 50 miles of him. Many of these companies from the name will not supply diabetic supplies and the more general ones I have called don’t know what I am talking about. There are some other suppliers online that I recognize just not on the 50 mile radius list.

He is getting short on supplies and Mom is getting paranoid. We have had him on the same Cigna plan since he was diagnosed and thought we had this all figured out. Any ideas ?

I find it easier to call Dexcom and Tandem, give them our insurance info and ask them for a list of distributors who will work with us.

I generally do not order Dexcom and Tandem supplies from the same place. Doesn’t work out and really no benefit anyhow.

That is a great idea! Nancy50