DMS for Mac?

Seriously, Lifescan, no dms software for Macs, iPhone/iPad, et al.? Boy, are you missing a big part of the market.
So disappointed. Love my Mini; don’t love Windows.

I’m with you on this! I use the One Touch UltraSmart, but I’d gladly switch to a brand compatible with Mac.

Haven’t found one I like. I have to use Parallels so I can use the Medtronics Carelink site.


Plus, their software for Windows is UGLY. I don’t like using it just because I don’t like looking at it (bright orange everywhere and horrible icons, ugh!), even though the features are decent.

The UltraSmart/Ping meters are excellent for logging so I wish they had better software to make the features more useful.

I switched from the One Touch Ultra Smart to the Bayer Contour USB, which works fine on my Mac. I have to navigate to the program and start it manually, but it works just fine. Add rechargeable batteries to the mix and the fact that it needs much less blood and I’m happy!