DMV $#i+

Years ago when I went to renew my driver’s license they asked if I had any medical conditions and of course I said diabetes. Ever since then, my MD has had to fill out a form approving me to drive and stating meds I am taking, etc.

Today I went to renew my DL, form in hand and after waiting in a looonnnggg line, I get to this women who takes my form and says she will be right back. She comes back and circles the stamp my MD used with her name and address right over the area where it was appropriate, but did not date it, but I know my MD’s writing and she filled out the whole form herself and signed it, the stamp was just her address and phone number.

Well this women said the MD did not date it and I had to get the form filled out again after talking to the manager. I went balistic, I said I can walk out date it and come back in, she stated that is why I circled it. I said this form was just mailed to me so it is in the timeframe of when I was to renew my license. I said let me talk to your manager and she pointed to him, I said you bring him to me. Well this little nerdy guy came over and said he was following the rules, I was screaming, everyone looking and again stated the timeframe stuff, he said he had to follow the rules. I told him to call my MD, now and he told me I had to be nice and say thank you if he did it, omg, I was screaming again. Well he called the MD, while I waited she said she would call back and then I waited again, he then he came over after my MD called and wrote 7/12/07 on it and said I was good to go. Wow now it is official he wrote the date what a crock of crap, and of course I said thank you. It was a whole power thing for him, but my husband was dying of embarrassment. Then I had to wait another hour to get through the rest of the line, eye test, and picture taking, after all this delay put me to the back of the line.

Was I wrong it getting so mad? One more reason I hate diabetes and all the crap we always have to go through.

ahhh… I’m sorry you had to go thru that crap. I promise to remember to not admit to being diabetic if I ever decide to finally go see a dr. ugh!!! Just one more reason to just not want to be recognized for anything with the govt!
I’m sorry… May I vent with you? I hvae 7 kids and one not at home due to mental health issues and a few more special needs kids. I spend enough time fighting for medical ins and stuff for them.
I am sorry you had to go thru those idiots power trips. Unfortunately,we all have to deal with them on a fairly regular basis:(
I hope the rest of your day went alot better! If not:) go take a peak at the pretty rainbow amongst my pics on my page. It might help you relax and smile…just because rainbows carry so much power:)

“Was I wrong it getting so mad? One more reason I hate diabetes and all the crap we always have to go through.”

Hi Karen: I don’t think you were wrong to be mad, but it was the DMV personnel involved in this situation, and not the diabetes that caused the problem. I just renewed my license and I was not asked about diabetes. The DMV folks can (and have been known to) make any issue a MAJOR issue. They need to get a life. I think it was good that the manager called your doctors office. My questions for the DMV: Why didn’t the manager, or employee at the counter, call the doctor that when they first saw that the date was missing? Why allow a minor ommission become a heated confrontation?

I hope your husband was not too traumatized.

No you wern’y!Yes they always love to put us diabetics through the ringer. I for 1 am really tired of the crap!