Do I have to eat breakfast?

Me & mom are having a disagreement again LOL. I am wanting to sleep in & get up around 10-11AM & just eat lunch. She said I need to get up & eat breakfast .
I homeschool so I can start school at anytime ,but she says my sugar might drop in the morning or go high . I told her she can come & check my sugar at 8 AM the time she wants me to get up .
Tell us what you think I know that breakfast is the most important meal ,but it will probably be ok to skip for a while
I read that when you are a teenager you want to stay up late & that is why you dont want to get up early

Let us know what my blood sugar might do ,thanks

If you get a routine then your life as a diabetic becomes easier. I would suggest you do more than listen to your mom - go to bed early and wake up early, and make full use of these long summer days.

Even if you homeschool, set up a routine for that, too. I suggest you draw up strict timetables for study, play, bed, etc.

Yes, eat breakfast.

Hi Tyler! Good question! It depends… what type of insulin do you use?

I am on the pump and I can sleep in and I have a flexible eating schedule. That means that I only need to eat when I am low or when I bolus. But if you tend to go low in the morning, then you will need to get up and eat. Is your mom willing to check your blood sugar at 8AM? If yes, then she could wake you up if you are low or very high. Otherwise you could sleep.

BUT that also depends on whether your mom is OK with this (not just because of your blood sugar). Other kids who don’t have diabetes are not allowed to sleep in. When I was a kid (before I even had diabetes), my parents didn’t let me sleep in because they didn’t want me to waste the day. Our family had a routine and I wasn’t allowed to sleep through it.

Now that I’m a grown up, I like to sleep in on Saturdays :slight_smile:

Yeah, you should eat breakfast.

Your body needs breakfast for fuel, too. Going from dinner the night before until lunch the next day could also starve your body and cause it to produce ketones. Our metabolisms work better without long periods of fasting like that.

If you’re on a long-acting insulin shot, your body needs to eat at prescribed times. If you’re on a pump, you could get away with a late breakfast.

Yeah - I’m with Matt - eat breakfast - it’s the most important meal of the day!!! I wasn’t allowed to sleep in when I was your age and I thought my parents were so mean - but in a way - they weren’t. I got to spend time with them before they headed off to work - and on the w/e’s - my Dad would cook up the best pancake breakfasts. I would get have a cup of coffee (none of my friends got that - they said it would stunt my growth - but that’s just a myth).
Also, because you’re on insulin shots - it’s not as easy to do when you’re on the insulin pump. I am on a pump now - and I rarely sleep in - even if I go to bed late!!!

I’m a late night person. I am not a morning person. Some people like to sleep in, others don’t. Now, this is totally my opinion, and I’m not your parent, so you probably shouldn’t listen to me, but I figure, so long as you’re getting everything done and you’re getting your recommended 8 hours (or so) of sleep, you should be able to sleep when you like.

Diabetes does make this more complicated. I can only speak for myself, but, usually, if I’m on the right amount of insulin (whether pump, lantus, ultralente, NPH – I’ve tried them all), I can sleep when I like and still wake up with my blood sugars alright. If I sleep a really long time, my blood sugars sometimes go up a bit, but that’s rare.

On the weekends when I stay up late and sleep in, I often have “breakfast” at noon or so and dinner at 10 or 11. Now a person should follow a regular schedule; I think that’s one of the best ways to control your diabetes. However, I’ve lived with diabetes for a long time, and I haven’t always done as I should; often, I’ve not followed any regular schedule and gotten up at very different times and eaten at different times, and I’ve been fine. So, you probably shouldn’t do it, but you can without too many adverse effects (I think). Maybe try it and see how it works before you decide anything.

I have always hated eating breakfast, even as a young child long, long before being diagnosed. The idea of food before 10:00 makes me physically ill, further supressing my appetite. If I feel hungry I will eat something low carb like a mouthful of pecans or some cheese to give my body something. (When I was first diagnosed I would make myself eating something more subsantial resembing a meal, but I’ve since drifted back to listening to my body.) Then I have coffee at 10:00 and lunch at noon. But I can snack at work if the need be.

I tend to run a little high in the morning, around 130 to 150, so bottoming out is not a problem. When I run low in my sleep strange and disturbing dreams wake me up.

Do you actually run low or is this just a fear your mom has? The other issue to look at would be if you are taking too much basal insulin.

My most recent A1C was yesterday - 5.9!!!

wow. I’m begging for an A1c like that! Nice job!

I never ate breakfast because I was never hungry in the morning. My dietitian told me that breakfast is important because without it you screw up your body’s natural way of metabolizing food. In fact, the perfect eating routine is 5 small meals a day rather than 3 big ones. So the further you go from the magic number 5 the worse your metabolism will be and therefore you will have trouble with weight fluctuation and BG control.

True or not, I don’t know, but that’s what the dietitian said.

On the other hand you can tell your mother that there was a scientific study done a few years back that proved that 97% of all people under the age of 30 have decreased brain functioning before 10 a.m. They are less likely to comprehend and retain information gained prior to 10 am than after. After the study was published there were a few schools (I forget which state) that participated in a follow up to the study and followed the time schedule the original study published as the best “school/learning hours.” There was a dramatic increase in grades all across the board. The only reason schools still operate on the old fashioned schedule is due to the parents’ work schedule. Since you are home-schooled you shouldn’t and your parents shouldn’t have that problem. Therefore you can wake up at 10ish, eat breakfast, do your homeschooling, eat lunch later etc.

Everybody is happy . . . theoretically.


I have had T1D since I was 14 (now I’m almost 25) and have always hated breakfast. When I was first diagnosed, I used to force myself to eat breakfast, but every single day I’d get sick to my stomach from the food. My body just does not like having anything in it in the mornings. The most I can do now is some coffee- but even that is tricky- only certain kinds.

I’d say, try not to argue with your mom- she’s just worried. I see her on here a lot and she’s really trying to do the best that she can for you. Being on forums is more than a lot of people can say about their parents!

But, aside from that small lecture (sorry), I don’t eat breakfast and I’m okay. My A1c isn’t the greatest, but I think that has less to do with eating breakfast than it has to do with my other issues. I still get up at 7:00 every morning to go to work, but on the weekends I sleep until 10:00. I experience lows very rarely due to this, but if I do go low, I keep a stash of glucose tablets, etc by my bed. I rarely use them.

I have coffee around 8:00 am and don’t eat until nearly 6:00pm most days. I check my BG about five times during the day that I’m fasting, and my numbers are usually between 80-160. I don’t have ketones and I can still carry my energy throughout the day. Actually, eating during the daytime makes me tired.

I don’t have problems with sleeping in late with my D. I use Levemir shots just before bed (which is usually around 12:00 or 1:00am) and I don’t go low from it. I use Humalog for corrections and boluses, and I still usually wake up in the low 100s. My morning numbers are my best, even though I don’t eat breakfast and/or have varied sleeping habits.

You have to do what’s best for you. The only advice I can offer is that you’re 14 now, (I think I remember that right) and in a short 4 years you’ll be ready to be on your own. It might be better to practice your adult life while you’re under the watchful eye of your mom. If you think you’re just going to sleep in late when you get your own place, then I’d say try it now and see how it works for you. If you’re going to test your limits, it’s better to do it while you still have someone to take care of you.

It’s always better to be on a strict schedule, don’t get me wrong, but if you’re going to do it anyway, now’s the time.

Hopefully everything turns out okay for you, man.

Keep us posted on this, okay?