Do I have to go on a lower carb diet like other diabetics?

I guess I woudl add… Eat the amount of carbs your glucose meter lets you get away with. :slight_smile:


Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk has 2 grams for 8 oz, if you want to save a few more carbs using a different brand.

One of the main reasons a low carb diet works is because low carbs means less insulin which means less room for error. I eat quite abit of carbs and aslong as you maintin good numbers then it’s not really a bad thing. That’s my oppinion anywho

I didn’t see mention anywhere in this thread of the distinction between simple and complex carbs. As I understand, the implicit objective of a low carb diet is to curb simple carbs derived from sugars rather than complex carbs derived from vegetables.

After being diagnosed T1 in October my endo recommended 50-60 carbs per meal, but that proved too high as I began packing on weight (quixotic, since T1s are supposed to be on the trim side). Since moving down to the 30-40 range, including more vegetables, I’ve trimmed considerably. And, by eating more vegetables, I can actually have larger meals! CAVEAT: I’m about four decades older than you, so I wouldn’t have any business eating 75g of carbs per meal…

Gerri brought up a good point with respect to your diagnosis being so recent. The hospital’s dietician recommended 75g/meal because that’s probably the yardstick for your age and gender; the key word there is “yardstick.” You probably won’t figure out a routine for another month – just in time for the routine to change because of the rapid biological changes in your body.

The one thing to remember is that DIABETES IS NOT AN EXACT SCIENCE. You could eat the same thing at the same time every day for the rest of your life – but no two consecutive days will give you identical BG numbers. Because Diabetes is so inexact, because you are so recently diagnosed, because you are undergoing biological changes – it is critical that you maintain contact with the hospital’s dietician or get a recommendation to see one elsewhere. The same goes for an endocrinologist – get one!

In the meantime…

Eat, test; eat, test; eat, test.

Avoid high fructose corn syrup.

And keep us posted!

I am having the Unsweetned Almond and Unsweetened Hemp Milk. I like the Hemp better don’t know why - plus the vanilla unsweetened one is 2 carbs too. Hemp also has some additional nutrients that almond milk doesn’t have - if you are worried about that stuff that is. :slight_smile:

I have to… Disagree with this. While consuming complex carbohydrates is better for satiety, and can help people find a sense of fulfillment, and avoid overeating… A CARB IS A CARB IS A CARB. If you overeat on complex carbs, YOU WILL SPIKE… Maybe the spike will not be within 1 or 2 hours, but the spike WILL come… Sometimes at 3-6 hours, because the fiber delays the spike… but it DOES spike. It is NOT okay to just go binging on carbs just because they are complex! Fiber is NOT a free license to have a huge amount of carbohydrates! And it has been proven more than enough times that it is THE amount of carbohydrates that throw us off, regardless of them being complex or simple. ALL carbohydrates have SUGAR in them. They all TURN into sugar in our blood, whether it is a vegetable, or a slice of bread. We do not need to have a life of ‘avoiding’ simple carbs… But merely controlling them, as we control all other carbs.

Yeah, I was looking for one that was lower carb… but my dumb supermarket doesn’t carry it yet. :frowning: I’m gonna have to bug them about it!

Find a low carb bread. I was a HUGE breadaholic - sourdough was my favorite. Biscuits too. I ate way too much bread. You can still have these things but in moderation and look for the lowest carb variety you can find. You just have to be careful how much you eat (it will probably be a lot smaller portion than you are used it - most people eat way larger portion that they should and don’t realize it) and all you need to do is test to see how these items effect your blood sugar. I am able to eat one piece of low carb toast in the morning just fine. You may be able to do this too or you may not. No more Wonder bread though - it will be whole wheat varieties. :slight_smile:

Well,we found a brand of sourdough that has about 10g for a BIG peice.

Well,i eat maybe 50~80 per meal, it depends on the meal. So far, ive lost weight.

The one mine carries is called “Healthy Way”, 7 carbs for one piece. I am still looking for others though. This one has a lot of additives in it which I like to avoid.

YOU DID? Wah! What brand is it? I looked through a bunch of breads at the store the other day. I didn’t even look a the sourdoughs because I didn’t want to depress myself. I figured that white flour was definately out. Is this a whole wheat sourdough?

Its Colombo brand.

Hmm, never heard of that. I will look it up. I hope it isn’t just local. Thanks!

Yeah, everyone has a different level of carbs they can handle. :slight_smile: Good on you, that you’ve lost weight!

I’m eating 200 - 250 carbs per day. I need the carbs with the physical actvity I get. Ultimately, you need to aim for good bgl control, regardless of whether you eat a lot of carbs or not.

On th weight issue that invariably comes up - I have a bmi of 21.5, and managed to loss weight to get to that bmi by eating a lot of carbs. It all comes down to the kind of carbs I eat - mostly fruit and veggies, and whole grains.

My Canadian Olympian Rower Medtronic pumper friend Chris consumes about 700 plus carbs a day …I take in about 180 g daily …obviously not at active as Chris …I have my reason : he is 29 , I am almost 70 and do NOT exercise the way he does …be well my young friend for a long time to come !!

Advice for growing teens through a dietician is different and what they told you seems really good info. My 14 yr old was allowed 3-100 carb meals and 2-45 carb snacks a day due to indoor track and running 1-2 hrs a day for practices. He did great and gained back the 22 lbs he lost prior to dx in Dec plus a few…3 months later and on a pump…still great and A1c 5.9 from 8.5 in Dec. He eats cereal again after not for 2 months…mixes a better quality with half a “kids” cereal especially if lower than 75 at 6 am…gets him through the school morning until lunch without snacking and grazing like pre-pump days…what ever works for your body and the docs are ok with then …to each his /her own…after all you are 15 and are going to “sneak” . I know mine sneaks …

Alicia …from a person with D and NOT a mom…this is great information for our 15 th year old …you ( MOM ) have the bull by the horn ! …thanks

Alan …this is interesting for me to read …you correct severe reactions with cereal ?? shows , what works for one …not be be so for the next gal …I need to learn