Do I need to stop running to take a reading?

Hi everyone
I just started up again since I got diagnosed . So far I’ve only done 6Km as my longest since diagnosis - a bit cautious of going longer. I’m a type 2 on Mixtard at night, metformin twice daily and Novonorm before meals. I think most of you marathoners are using pumps… I’m not sure how I’m supposed to take a reading using a meter without stopping. Am I missing something ?

A marathon is like 2-6+ hours (depending on how fast you go, LOL!) and a test is 5 seconds plus getting it together and, unless you are neck and neck with someone (*disclaimer*: I am always running against my prior times so I'm not totally immune to hurrying...), the small amount of time it takes to test is no biggie. In Chicago 2012, I was running into some issues and decided to test about 25 miles into it so, of course, the crowd all go "keep running" but they shut up when they see blood! I tested and picked it back up. Getting good data is really helpful!

being a type 2 myself I have done the marathon and half marathons. Do you run by your self or with a group? If you run with a group let them know you are a diabetic just in case you do get a low and need help. On the short runs the 6ks do you ended up with a low.. I know for me (being a type 2 on insluin) I tend to run high in my runs then bottom out when I stop.. so in the evenings after the race and for the next couple of days I ended up watching it more closely. I will bottom out in the 70 readings.. I run with a group and my short miles (3 or 5 miles) I might run by my self but I carry my phone and have a piece of Hard candy with me. I also have my road id on my running shoes in case i am in trouble. so far that has not been the case. I think if you listen to what your body is telling you then you can tell when it is getting low or to high such as mood swings.. or shakes or the I dont feel goods.. on my long runs I do carry a sandwich with me to eat usally chicken lunchmeat and cheese on Joseph pita bread.. I can tell you I am back of the pack when it comes to running at a 15 min mile when I racing and about 17 min mile when I am training.. since started running I have brought my a1c done to 6.9 form almost 10 about 10 years ago.. mostly in the last 2 years it has been running from 6.7 to 6.9. if you want to run the longer miles train for them start paying attention to what your body is telling you.. what is good for one diabetic might not be good for you... example metformen kills my tummy and my eating food.. but for another diabetc it works for them.. Good luck and warm wishes stuck with the running as much as you can.. cant wait to hear how it is going.

On my shorter runs of up to 6Km I don’t need extra sugar - I don’t need water on such a short stretch either. Afterwards, my reading is 6-9 then later in the day it lowers but not under 4. I have a piece of toast or banana half an hour before I start and pre-hydrate. I’m feeling like trying a 10Km in the next few days - do people think I could just do the same for that? I carry Glucose tabs in my pocket just in case.

I'm type 2 and do not use a pump or CGM. I've never been able to test during any run or any other activity unless I actually stop what I'm doing. But testing itself does not take a lot of time but can save you from the awful effects of a low or can alert you if you are close to being low. I'm now just taking metformin so my risks of going low are low, but I'm still careful especially on long runs. That said, if you take precautions - testing, carrying glucose tabs (or something else that tastes better), and training properly, don't be so worried about running longer distances.