Do "low days" correspond to growth spurts?

This is sort of a follow up to mhynes' "sudden lows at 23 weeks?" question from a little bit ago.

I'm 29.5 weeks now, and have been battling real insulin resistance and DP the past few weeks. Today I'm just constantly low or low ish. I was in the 50's 1 hour after both breakfast and lunch, and was 71 about 20 minutes after eating a decent handful of chocolate to combat the post-lunch low. (I know, chocolate's not ideal, but I wanted it. And I wasn't going anywhere, and didn't feel bad.) I was running low in between breakfast and lunch, too.

I haven't been active at all today: I've spent all day working at my computer. There's always a chance of misjudged carbs -- I'm not an obsessive food-weigher or anything. Maybe it's just that my body has finally adjusted to the huge basals and carb ratios I'm now taking? But I was wondering whether it could be that the baby is hungry, and sucking up all my glucose? I.e. having a growth spurt? I know we're all just guessing, but was wondering if anyone had any cockamamie theories.

Btw, I feel fine, and baby is squirming away at a typical rate.

I would love to know.

Just this today my numbers are drifting upwards. . . my suspicion is it is the insulin resistance kicking in, although my students were taking a test today so I was not moving around nearly as much as I do in a typical day. I will keep correcting and see what happens. If it continues another day or so I will adjust my numbers.

Not sure about the growth spurts. . . but insulin resistance finally showed up at 31 weeks and a few days. Reset several basals, dropped my carb ratios, and lowered my correction factor. It seems to be holding for now.