Do we have any "down under" members who have the 640G pump?

Sure would like to hear more about it. I'm stuck in backwards-USA, thanks to the FDA, so I have to put up with the 530G pump which isn't much different than the pumps MM has produced for over a decade. sigh.

Would love to hear from anyone with a 640, willing to share their feelings about it.

I haven't stumbled upon any blogs or vlogs from Australia yet. But there are three folks in Britain who are vblogging about it. Have you looked at those?

Here are the links to their YouTube channels in case anyone is interested and wants to check out what they have posted.

I'm a lot less familiar with the last two vlogs in the list above. I just haven't gotten around to watching their vids. My initial superficial impression was that they don't seem to be as OCD about tracking the tedious details I'm interested in as the first vlog is.


I did already see one of those, but thanks for the other links and I'm watching them now.

I am a new 530 g user, too. I like it, but feel it's not ready for prime-time. I am trying to work with them. Mr. John Mastrototaro is very down to Earth. How do you like your experience? I am a Purdue Mechanical Engineering Graduate and enjoy reaching out to help people get a handle on life. Hit me up. It is a lot easier to get a hold of me. Peace be with... Happy Easter Weekend.


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Eric, what part do you consider not ready for prime time? The sensors or the pump? I'm bored with the 5xx series as there's been precious little new features over the last few pump models. A waterproof pump with a color screen (presuming it's visible in daylight) sounds mighty interesting. The last 3 pumps I got from MM were hohum, instead of the big excitement surrounding the unboxing of the earlier pumps which I looked forward to like a kid looking forward to Christmas morning.