Do you check the cannula after insertion?

I am asking because I have a hard time seeing the cannula.

I usually don’t look at it b/c I can’t really look at it where I place the pod. If it’s on my arm, I usually place it ‘cannula down’, so I can look at it in the mirror.
If I ever have odd numbers overnight or something seems askew (site starts to hurt, etc), then I’ll have my roommate look in the window to see if it’s red or bloody.
Otherwise, if it’s on my back, or anywhere else, I don’t look…

Always, although it’s more of a negative confirmation rather than a positive confirmation. It’s not as though I can be certain it looks “good”, but I can ascertain that it doesn’t outwardly look “bad”.

Yes I do check it out, a couple of times with a magnifying glass. I do always feel it going in though.

We always look. My husband uses a flashlight to see better. Though there’s not much to really “see.” Like Lorraine said, it’s not so much that you can tell when it looks good. All we really see is that it is there and it is in.

Thanks for all the responses. I went to CVS and bought a dental mirror with a little light. Now I can see the cannula.

I never check it personally. But I do watch my numbers post-insertion for anything odd.

I never check. If I feel it go in, I assume it’s in. If my BS stays normal, then I know it was successful.

I only had one time where the cannula insertion went awry. Although I heard the pod click, I felt no prick. (That last sentence is a horrible nursery rhyme for you.)

I try to look…but it is impossible to see! I have called and complained about this to Omni-Pod. I also complained that the cannula should be a little longer! They said that they have never had these complaints before. I have the cannula coming out a few times a week. Their answer was that it was very unlikely to come out. I used the minimed pump for 6.5 years with only a few problems. I just hate to give up being wireless.

I don’t check. Gave up trying to see if it was in months ago. Even my daughter can’t see it clearly. Maybe a little color to the cannula would help.

Been on the Ominipod for about a month now and can never see it. They should make the cannula florescent green or orange.

Insulet Corp can’t truthfully say they have never had your complaints before because I called them shortly after I started the pod a year ago Dec. 2008 with the same comments. I find it really hard to see the cannula placement as well. I usually just check my post insertion numbers to make sure things aren’t going crazy.

That’s a good suggestion IMHO. You should call the company with it and who knows, maybe they will listen.

I look for blood. If I don’t see it, I assume everything is good.

Florescent green I could agree with, but florescent orange may make me think that I am bleeding! I know I don’t bleed green, so that would be OK.

I just started using mine today. It was kinda hard at first the see the cannula but it also depends on what light I’m in and how I look at it. To me, it’s better if I’m sitting down when I try to look.

No.the insertions are so good that in 4 1/2 years on the OmniPod I have probably had only 2-3 bad insertions. One time the thing didn’t even fire and I didn’t hear the click. I also can’t really see through the window but if I am not betting delivery I know it soon enough

I have my wife look. If she is not around then I don’t bother.