Do you count carbs used to treat low BS?

Hello all! This is my first post in this wonderful group. I have recently adopted a low carb lifestyle (why did it take me so long-it is fantastic!) and I am still figuring out how to adjust basal rates. As such, I am experiencing many lows. I tried searching for this topic and couldn't find anything. Do you count the carbs used to treat low BS toward your daily goal? I cannot remember if Dr. B touched on this in his book. If I do not count the carbs from the glucose tablets-I stay on target for 30 grams of carbs a day. However, yesterday I had to treat a low BS 3 times and that amounted to 36 grams of carbs (I used 3 glucose tablets each time). If I counted those carbs I would have to eliminate all my carbs from veggies (which just seems absurd!) in order to stay under the recommended daily total. Just curious what all the seasoned veterans do!

Personally, no. I'm OCD about a lot of D related things, but not my carbs. My target is 30 a day. In reality I can be anywhere from 25-35 most days, and then there's the occasional splurge ;) I take the '30 a day' as a guideline more than a hard-and-fast rule; as I said above it's my target but I don't fret about a few more or less.

Get your boluses straightened out - that's the first priority. When you're not having so many lows, you won't be going over 30 as often. I wonder why going LC has thrown off your basal rates? Maybe someone else can explain. Basals shouldn't change, nor should I:C or correction factor...?

Pretty much have to echo what pup said. 30 is my target but I don't obsess about minor fluctuations.

That said, I'm not sure how well my experience will apply since I'm T2 and don't use basal insulin, only boluses to cover meals. On the (fortunately rare) occasions when I have to gobble some carbs to correct a low, I don't consider those carbs part of the daily total -- they are an immediate real time fix to an immediate real time problem.

I'm doing 30-40 carbs per day and I don't count the sugar for lows. I'm also having lows, I was having them before but I'm still having them at even 1/3 of my original basal dose, so now I'm trying to split it. But that seems to be making matters a bit worse maybe- I'm not sure yet. I don't use that much to treat lows, I can often take 1/2 -1 glucose tab 2-4g, and I'm back up to normal- although the last three or so I needed more as well as some food. I usually have a protein snack after also. I wouldn't eliminate the veggies.

I was wondering what he says about that also, I'm still reading the book, nothing on that yet, that I remember.

Carbs use to treat lows don't "count" towards 6-12-12. But that is hardly an excuse to overbolus.

Most certainly not. The idea is to avoid the yo-yo, not ride it like a carnival attraction.

Thanks for the input everyone! To answer your question jrtpup, my basal rates have been in flux for 2 years (which is one of the many reasons I've adopted this lifestyle!) I had a baby, moved across the U.S. to a small town, couldn't find an endocrinologist and have basically been controlling my bs numbers on my own (with horrible results). I recently found a diabetes educator that is supportive of my new eating habits and is willing to work with me to stabilize my basal rates. So we are figuring out I:C, correction factor, and basal settings that should have been established years ago if I had the proper care.
So the consesus is to not count it-great! I was worried I would have to limit my vegetable consumption. Thanks for sharing!

Boy, you've had a hectic few years! Glad to hear you found a supportive CDE and that things are looking up ;)

Certainly Dr. B recommends avoiding the yo-yo, but he also recognizes that you may have lows due to exercise and other things. And he does suggest that you treat lows, albeit conservatively. I use smarties and sweet tarts, cheap and available in very small increments.

I realize that my comment was ambibuous. When I said "avoid the yo-yo" I was reinforcing the statement, "That is hardly an excuse to overbolus."