Do you do corrections sooner than your DIA ends?

I always prebolused when I was using HumalinR® and I always prebolus Humalog or Novolog in the AM…my BG is never low in the morning and if buy some chance it is…it’s not for long…:smile:

Depending on what my BG is doing I may start correcting 1.5 to 2 hours after my meal bolus, my BG is always changing…it’s a perpetual roller-coaster even when I’m fasting it goes up and down and I need to do small corrections to stay between my targets. For me any food that has any nutritional value is going to add to my TDD…Carb or no carb I still need insulin for any nutritional item…


i love to rely on my Wizard function; but, sometimes, that IOB is just not enough to correct a high BG. it may depend on what i ate, how high my BG is at the time, or on some other factor that i may not be able to figure out. there are plenty of times that i would love to know that whatever the Wizard says is accurate. but that is just not true. i know it is a great function and a great tool to have in my “tool box,” but it is, at least for me, not the be all to end all. i wish it were.