Do You Eat Candy on Halloween?

We ran an article this morning on Diabetes News Hound offering tips to parents of children with diabetes on how to avoid focusing on candy on Halloween. You can read it here: Tricks to Make Halloween a Treat for Kids with Diabetes.

I was wondering what everyone in here does on Halloween regarding sweets. Do you cheat? Do you focus on other aspects of Halloween, such as dressing up and watching scary movies?


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4 years ago Oct .31.05 I went to a hotel with my family and we swam, ate candy, the neices and nephews would want me to taste every Best candy they had, and by the end of the night I was sick! ( I really didn’t eat that much, 5 peices) I was drinking every water bottle I could lay my hands on. I should have gone to the e.r but I was scared.I did get diagnosed with diabetes afew months later. Dec.05.05. We still go to the hotel every year but I bring my own snacks (popcorn, veggies,crackers ect) I would love to cheat but it makes me sick. I also have family that keep close eye on me.

I eat a little candy at a block party we go to every year. This year with my pump I will just figure how much I think I will consume add the carbs and do a combo bolus. I at the same time get a ton of exercise. I walk and walk and walk. Whew I feel it already! LOL We also have a M&M Mars tent set up so I got to get in on that. At least a little.

I always have a few treats at Halloween, always have, tho’ it was abit more difficult in the days of just 1 insulin shot a day back in the 60’s-80’s (Stone Age for us Type 1’s ). Nowadays, with rapid insulin, knowing your carb ratio, it’s much easier. That’s f you take the few minutes of extra time to ensure that you don’t go sky rocketing after eating some of the sweets and checking your BG’s from time to time! Now, I can’t claim I’ve always been an angel at doing this - but heck - bring on the toffee apples - bring on the other sticky candies (oh - there goes a tooth) - I will have a little bit of a nibble - I’m only human after all (with abit of will power)!!

Oh Cathy - an M&M Mars tent ! Lucky!!!