Do you ever skip a dose?

I’ve always wondered if anyone else skips a dose of Symlin once in a while. I will skip my dose for a couple of reasons: if my meal is under 30 carbs; if my blood sugar is really low before the meal and I need to come up a whole lot before I can even take my insulin; or if I intend to eat a lot or a very drawn out meal and the Symlin may make me too full before I am finished eating (like, say, a Thanksgiving feast).

Sometimes in those cases where I am very low I do intend to take the Symlin, but I can’t really delay the meal to wait for my sugar to come back up. So I have some oj and then eat, taking my insulin as usual but without the Symlin to suppress the digestion of the food.

Anyone else have similar experience? I’m so happy to have found a group of symlin users to talk to…

I tend to skip occasionally when im tired of being so nauseous. I take it 3 times a day, and I dont’ know about you, but everytime i take it i get so nauseous and can only eat about 10 bites. I haven’t had the pleasure of my sugar dipping so low i have to wait for it to come up. But over thanksgiving and a christmas party i went to last night, i skipped so i could enjoy my meal fully.

If I’m low, I eat a little sugar first (either a glucotab or the fruit I was going to have w/my meal), wait a few minutes, take my Symlin, my insulin, and eat my meal.

I’m only on half doses of Symlin 3x a day, so I don’t worry as much about 30 carbs.

I have skipped doses of Symlin. I also am using it only for my worst meal - which is breakfast.