Do you ever wake up starving in the middle of the night?

A few times recently I have woken up in the middle of the night absolutely ravenously hungry. Last night it happened at 2am. I tested, just for informational purposes, and my bg was 84, which is really good, for me. Ate a cheese stick and went back to sleep but I know if I hadn’t eaten something I never would have fallen back to sleep.

I always have a snack before bed; and if anything, last night’s snack was a little bigger than usual.

I’m wondering whether this night hunger attack thing happens to anyone else?

I have dreams of eating if I go low. I wake up ready to eat anything within reach. LOL And night hunger, sure but I call it the 420 munchies.

Actually elevated sugars cause me starvation. They don’t even have to be high just slightly over normal and I am starving and irritable. Sometimes I wonder If I have additional problems other then diabetes. I mean to only feel well when I am in between 85 and 100 max is startling.

I wake at 3am and lately I am starved…even with a normal sugar level. Comes and goes with me. I was very bad at 2am this morning, won’t tell what I ate and then injected fast-acting. Ugh…:slight_smile:

Me too always starving, the more so when the BG is low. My friend Gerry said it is because my mother overfed me as a kid. I wonder about this as a kid I was known as Mr. Auschwitz by the Jewish plumber working for singer plumbing in the early 50’s. He still had a sense of humour (albeit macabre) after what he had been through as a guest of the Reich.

I’m amazed how I can wake up in the middle of the night from the dead of sleep and be “low”. I’ve been 23 before, woke up and was like “time to eat”. It’s like a mental alarm clock. Not any of those anymore, but when I was first diagnosed it was a bit troublesome.

when i miss or skip a meal ,until i ve something that craving never goes off in the night.hence make it a point to eat something and make sure not to get that signs

I have heard you can get the “card for type-1”