Do you feel healthy?


All my bloodwork is normal.

I have no major complications after 41 years of having diabetes.

My A1C is 6.6.

Not sure if it is the fluctuations of bgs, the 24/7 of this disease but…

… for the most part I just don’t feel healthy. Do you?


Some days I feel healthy and other days I don’t. But i know what you mean, no matter what you just never feel like you are healthy even if your diabetes is under control


I have only been diagnosed for 6 months and for several years before that I definitely didn’t feel healthy. But now, with very tight control, an A1C of 5.6 and keeping my blood glucose as steady as I can, I do feel helathy again. I have lots of energy, can get by on 7 hours of sleep and feel like I did before I developed hypothyroid and diabetes. It hasn’t been easy-I eat no rice, grains/beans (excepted sprouted) potatoes or baked goods. I don’t follow Dr. Bernstein’s plan for diet in that I do eat fruit, dairy and tomatoes in small amounts and with insulin to cover, but I do think that his idea that you can have normal blood sugar all the time is what makes the difference. A lot of people think that if their BG is in range after 2 hours that it is normal but the fact is that a normal person might “spike” up to 120/140 for 5 minutes or so after eating and then come back down immediately. I am convinced, through my own experience, that if you maintain truly normal levels- staying under 100 almost all of the time- you can feel completely healthy. I have been following several discussions where people have said they don’t want to be so restrictive in their diet, but for me it is worth it. It’s simple: if I keep my BG normal I feel great, if I don’t I feel terrible, so I am not in the least tempted by food that doesn’t allow me to stay in range- for me that means back down to 100 after an hour or less.



I am soooo sure that you are correct on this one. :slight_smile:



I know people around our age, without Diabetes or any other disease who say the same thing. They simply lack the feeling of health they once had. Given your level of control and lack of complications, your feeling may simply be caused by getting older or by some unrelated ailment. It could be a stage of life issue with a mild depression factor. In any case, I’d encourage you to not merely accept it is as a natural consequence of Diabetes, but to look for other potential causes as well.

I’ve had Diabetes 31 years and I feel very healthy. If your A1C was achieved without frequent hypos, I doubt my BG control is much better than yours (my last A1C was 6.1, but until this year I averaged around 7.0). I do exercise significantly and I attribute my energetic feeling directly to that (so if exercise isn’t a regular part of your routine change that ASAP). I eat, in moderation, the foods I enjoy and I try not to allow Diabetes to become an obsession (the emotional cost is way too high, as I’ve learned in the past). Sometimes I think the self-induced stress we can put on ourselves can be worse than the actual disease.




You too are so right. I have ordered some books to help with stress and anxiety and yes too I know age is a factor. I do exercise less than I ever have in my whole life do to the lows I have with exercise. I just saw my endo and she stated all of the above as well. It is just a hard fix. Today I took off my pump tried to garden an cut the lawn, which I accomplished, but had two lows, grrrr. I am always laughing at work and we have a good time, but we are also super stressed and of course over worked, but no one who knows me would think I am depressed until I bring up my diabetes. Ahhhh!!!

Thanks so much.



I agree 100% Ken.


No. after 33 years, I do not feel healthy - “adequate” on most days, but certainly not “optimal”. Maybe it’s the depression that I constantly deal with. Maybe I’m bored. Maybe it’s middle age. Maybe I’d feel this way even without the db.