Do you go LOW when you are cold?

I work around a lot of Electronics that get very hot if you don't actively cool them so often I sit in cold rooms while working on these radio systems. Nothing major cold just 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit air temperature. So I was wondering if anyone else has noticed the fact that when you are cold your levels shows low? I am trying to figure out if my meter is off when it is colder or if I am really that low. I drop down to the 60s and low 70s when I am colder. I usually range around the 100 mark so to be at 60 is low for me.

Oh and by the way my meter stays with me all the time in a little ReliOn Pouch (I have an Accu-Check AVIVA meter though) The pouch has a little thermometer in it and it is never too cold per the manufacturer data but I wonder if the meter were at a "regular" temperature if my readings would come out different. And yes I plan on testing this somehow. just need to make sure it is a little scientific or I am just getting different readings at different times and the cold may have nothing to do with the change. Anyway:

So there it is "Do you go LOW when your cold?"

I've read that you burn more energy when you are cold but I ran outside all winter and, although it was mild winterwise there were a few cold days and I don't notice it that much?

I've also heard that because you burn more energy when colder you can go lower, though I haven't seen documentation, just anecdotal 'evidence'. Why not take a second meter with you and see if the same happens?

I keep my heat turned way down during the night in the winter (though we haven't had much winter this year), and haven't noticed any weird readings.

ahh.. a second meter kept in another room at "normal" temps... hmmm man this is exactly why I am busting out of my shell and getting out here to talk about this stuff. I have two exact meters. I was given two (mostly because the lancet device in the first one broke DAY ONE on the meter they gave me at the hospital. When I asked about getting just the lancet device my Endo handed me a new boxed meter just like the first one) so I have two Accu-Chek meters. I will try two meters tomorrow (I have them both with me right now) and see what happens. Thanks

Let us know what happens!

I haven't noticed, and I did a LOOOOONNNGGG hike (for me -- seven miles) a while back on the Sunday after Thanksgiving and while my cheeks did feel like slabs of ice at the end, and I walked for SEVEN MILES (did I already mention that?) my BG never dropped until the very end.

(Yeah, it was seven miles. Ahem.)

I have noticed that when it's colder out, I will get lower readings even though I don't believe I'm actually low. I think this is sometimes due to the fact that I'm able to get less blood out of my fingertips. When you put less blood in the strip, you are more prone to getting false lows.

Dang...7 miles! I'm impressed, Jean! You go girl! :)

This has been my experience as well. Cold hands = less blood out of fingertips.

I also get cold when I'm dropping lately. I feel like cold water is being poured over me.

I've noticed I'm just the opposite when I'm cold I tend to run higher, and when it's warm out or I'm warm I tend to run much lower. I'm wondering if the lower reading are really accurate of what your blood glucose is or if the cold interfers with the meter's reading somehow. I'd do one of two things, either invest in a second meter and see if you get similar results or I'd go to warmer room and retest. Maybe wait like 10 minutes or so.

Christy: I have three meters already. 2 are Accu-Chek so I brought those both with me today. I tried to see if I could get a before cold and after cold with both meters so I did a "based test" with both meters 3 times each. Yeah that is 6 tests in the same few minutes. HMMMM the meters where all over the place but at least close enough to each other to know if the cold was affecting them. However, the little room i was in today was not as cold as the one I was in the other day. This test will have to be done at a later date. But I am going to put it on my to do list and get back with results.

HAHAHA at work I have a cold and heat test room for our radio systems. I could do it there. But I don't want to just go sit in there for 20 minutes cold. HAHAHA.

smileandnod:I REALLY don't have a problem getting blood out of my fingers hot or cold. That is one nice thing that I hope does not change too much. I stick it and it BLEEDS. of course today I tested the blood out of one stick with both meters and got a difference of 20 mg/dl between the meters. Uhh that's a lot I think.

I find myself feeling the cold more when I'm low. Can't say that the cold causes the low.