Do you have a meter pouch with colors?

Ok, I have been using One Touch UltraSmart meter for ever, i am sick and tired of the black pouch. I called Lifescan to see if they have them, say in pink, red or blue for that matter since they came out with the small meters with colors. No such luck, Does anyone own a pouch that is very similar to the Ultrasmart pouch in different colors? Where can I purchase it. Black is slimming but…:slight_smile:

Isn`t black the new black? I hate hate hate losing my meter in my purse with its black lining.

I know it’s not quite what you are looking for, but I ordered one of these the other day, and I LOVE it!

Functional and fashionable : )

I throw everything; meter, insulin pen, lancets, tube of glucostabs, into a bright pink makeup bag that I got with as a free gift! It’s perfect… and FREE!!! :slight_smile:

All my diabetes tools come with these crappy carrying cases. Never understood the need for any of them.

I can check my bg in 5 seconds and one hand with my current meter. Literally, pull it out of my pocket on the train, or as I’m walking down the street, that easy. Why would I make it hard by carrying it in a meter pouch and needing two hands etc?

Ahh, pockets. But it’s all the extra stuff that I try to fit in it - the poker, the strips, the extra insulin and syringe in case I have an infusion set failure and a AA battery for my pump, just in case that fails too. And to top it all off, my work clothes (dress pants/skirts etc) aren’t always fitted out with convenient pockets. Of course, I’m always open to buying a new wardrobe instead :wink: … or just settle for a new case.

I love my One Touch meters but hate the cases. You will find it very hard to find a case that fits the UltraSmart. I know I have tried.

Have you tried decorating the case with decorations like fabric paint or duct tape? I had the duct tape in bright neon colors around the house so I thought that I would try it out. I had my daughter cut out different shapes and just stick it onto the case. It has held up pretty well.

I like cell phone cases or mp3 cases with some sort of hooks on them. I like to hook them to the inside of my purse for easy access. Try office supply stores or computer stores. The best time that I have found to go shopping for diabetes cases is right before school starts. You can find some really neat cases in some really neat colors. I have a Mini Dickies backpack shaped bag that I carry all of my pump supplies in. It has stars all over it. I picked it up at an office supply store. Makeup bags work really well also.

Not familiar with the size of Ultra Smart, but just ordered a case off of Accu-Chek for My Omnipod PDM (pretty big) and LOVE IT! I got the one called “swirl.” Go here: They are under additional accessories, and really inexpensive.

I will have to order at least one of each of these! These are cute.

I’m with you. Why have to get out a case, find a place to place it, unzip, pull out this and that and then place everything back in appropriate places!!? With my little bag I can test without taking anything out. I keep the zipper unzipped so I just reach into my purse and like you say, can do it all with one hand without taking anything actually out of my purse. And just throw it all together back into the bag. In 34 years I don’t think I have ever used the case that came with the meters.

what meter are you using?

thank you i will check it out.

Cute!! i think Ultra Smart are similar in size to your meter, i will have to check it out. Thank you. I was thinking maybe it was time that i go into business with the pouches.:slight_smile:

the only color cases for ultras i have found were for the minis on the animas website

I totally understand and have 3 words for you:

Stick Me Designs!! At

She is SUCH a sweet lady. I absolutely love the case I got from her. Definitely worth it!

We’ve bought a cute meter case that fits a One Touch Ultra2 from:

This website has very cool (if expensive) cases:

Also this website:

I have the swirl one too! I use my One Touch Ultra meter in it and it fits perfectly. The only (tiny) hiccup I had in transferring my meter and accessories to this case is that the mesh pocket on the left side is much smaller than in the One Touch cases. In addition to extra lancets, I used to keep a battery, syringe, and my insulin vial in that mesh pocket and these Accu-Chek cases only fit some lancets and a battery. Not big enough for the insulin vial or syringe. I’m okay with this, and just moved the syringe and insulin to another pouch I keep in my bag and all is good in the world.

Let me tell you, opening up my purse and seeing that swirl case really brightens up my mood when I have to test!

Can I just ask what guys use to put all their stuff in. Do they use a day pack, back pack, man purse??

I have a Bayer Contour.

Same here… my swirl case was featured on TuD a while back… I eventually “cannabalized” the little meter “holster” out of one of my one touch cases and glued it inside the Aviva case. it holds the meter much better than the single elastic strap did. I still need to figure out what to do with my Renew lancing thingie and the strip container… I’ve just been keeping them loose. I might just use some velcro or something.