Do you have a prescription for that?

A bit of a funny story from this morning… I was (well, am) working the opening shift and when I work the early morning shifts, I always take my pills (L-thyroxine and Lisinopril) when I get a moment to sit down since I go straight from work to class and have no other time in the hectic morning to do so. This morning, the supervisor happened to be in since one of my co-workers called off. As per usual, I took my two little pills out of their bottles and laid them on the desk, and reached down to get my bottle of water. Somehow, when I reached down for it, my arm brushed over the table and it swiped my pills off the table onto the carpet…directly by my supervisor’s feet. Of course, in a gigantic computer lab, my pills land on the only two square inches of space where I can’t readily pick them up.

I stared at them in dread for a few seconds, willing them to roll back to me by the force or whatever power was ambiently floating around. Normally I probably would have waited and just picked them up later, but I have a few days until I get my next refill on these pills so every single one counts. I lie in wait, like a cat waiting for a mouse, for her to get up and do something. Next thing that ensued followed:

Supervisor: Are those… pills on the floor? Whose pills are those?
Me: …they’remypills.
S: What’re they doing on the floor?
M: Well, I dropped them there.
S: Do you have a headache? They look too small to be Tylenol.
M: No, they’re for my thyroid and my blood pressure.
S: (aneurism, incoherent muttering)
M: I can show you the bottle if you want.
S: I don’t need to see the bottle, I wanna see the prescription.
M: I mean the bottle kind of is the prescription, you already know my name and address…
S: Listen, I just googled ecstacy and these don’t look like that, soooo…I guess they’re safe.
M: (Thinking) I’m sure I’d know by now if they were ecstacy tablets…

I mean, I know that you can’t tell a druggie just by looking at them… but I don’t think I look like an E user. I mean really what supervisor sees someone with pill bottles and assumes immediately its ecstacy? Oh, Monday…

Now that made me laugh…bit paranoid there eih?
And yes, you’re right…Mondays! LOL

Paranoid indeed, that he immediately thought of ecstasy.

But I’m waiting for years to be accused of being a junkie by someone who sees me taking shots, lol

lmao thats pretty funny. Maybe your supervisor was just busting your balls. Either way, funny post lol.