Do you have a Sweet Spot?

Pun intended.

I check my blood on my left ring finger. I have a scar there now but it’s THEE best place to get blood for me. I squish and squeeze my finger for a second and then zap it on the inner side. Best place for me!

What’s yours?

My sweet spot is also my left ring finger.

Same here! …left ring finger, unless I don’t get anything out of it then I use the left middle finger, but my scar is on the ring finger.

My scar is on the middle finger of my left hand, but when I feel “wild and rebelious” I use my left ring finger.

That would be my left middle finger. Bleeds nicely, i should say.

I do the pinkies – I can use the lightest setting so I hardly feel it, and it always bleeds nicely, so I never have to stab more than once. Ring fingers also work well. Worst: thumbs. I have to stab the heck out of them to get anything.

Did anyone else just look at the little dots on their fingers to answer this question. I use pretty much only my middle and ring fingers. I would also say that left ring finger is a favourite, but my right ring finger looks the most used lately…
Poor little fingers. Battle-scarred for life!

I try to move around a lot but don’t always pay attention to where I poked last time. Sometimes, I’ll poke the same place twice without realizing it - OUCH!

I go over different finger each time and I check at least 4 times a day.

yep, ring fingers are best for me too! i just use ring, middle, and pointer fingers.

I try to move around all my fingers (except thumbs). But my pinkies are my favorite. Its less painful and usually I can easily draw blood faster. And yes, I have slight scarring on its sides.:frowning:

my favorite fingers are my left middle finger and ring finger

yes…my poor left pointer finger!

I try to vary the fingers every day . Once in a while I forget and touch a spot I recently tested and Ouch. I have a couple of bruise spots. I find the sides of my fingers work best instead of the tops.

I have found that it matters not which finger but as long as you stick in on the tip of it. That is where there are several small blood vessels that are there.

Left little and ring. I have some nerve damage, pre-diabetic, so those 2 fingers are pretty much not sensitive so it is nice to once in a while get some sensation from them.

I used the ring and L pinky. my right pinky was broke last year and don’t give good blood anymore. I cannot use my pointer, mental block I guess.

I like my pinkies for fast blood release but my left middle finger and left thumb are my favourites, any side, pad or tip.