Do you have an ICE (In case of emergency) # in your cell phone?

I’m curious how many people have an ICE (In case of emergency) number programmed into your cell phone. Also, who’s number is it (family member, doctor), and has it ever been needed and/or helpful?

My wife, two daughters and I all added one to ours recently. Your thoughts?

For more info, see this article:

That’s a really Good Idea, I might do that now with my fiance’s number

yes, i do. I had it in my contacts on my old phone. my new phone has a specific ICE application on the phone, so i added my family’s numbers. and information that i’m diabetic.

Yes, it’s my husband’s number.

I have it on my opening screen on the iphone I used a free app called close call…

I have the same app. Mine looks like this (phone number blurred out):

I have several - parents (all their numbers), sister, even the ex-wife.

It’s been used once – because the phone got lost (yes, there are a couple of honest people out there).

I have the person whose holding the health power of attorney for me.

i actually have three on my medic-alert dogtag my mom, my sister and my girlfriend but none in my phone.

I tried to program one in once, but my brilliant phone won’t allow one number to be programmed under more than one name. So, unless I want the ICE contact to be permanently branded that on my phone, it can’t happen.

I carry a MedicAlert card with emergency contact info in my wallet instead. That iPhone app is brilliant…

Oh, never thought of that. Guess I will tag it on my phone just now…

I have 3 ICE numbers available in my Verizon LG Env2. They are: my other half; my doctor’s office; my mother and sister (secondary contact). I also have room for 3 emergency notes. They include: medical conditions; medications (both prescription and OTC/supplements); allergies.

I have two issues with ICE implementation on this phone: (1) if the phone is unlocked, the ICE indicator doesn’t show up (OTOH, if you go to “Contacts”, the first item listed is “In Case of Emergency”); (2) when the phone is locked, the ICE notes fields are still editable (so an enemy could deliberately change them to make a FirstResponder give me something that could kill me).

I also replaced my cellphone wallpaper with Diabetes Alert wallpaper (it’s available in several sizes here).

Another thing to do is to put stickers on your phone. I believe the URL is