Do you have eye problems due to diabetes? Introduce yourself!


If I may add my "two cents."

Diabetic retinpathy is probably best treated by a retina specialist who treats more than diabetic retinopathy because at some point diabetic retinopathy can be a surgical disease.

Most retina specialists are quite comfortable treating all stages of diabetic retinopathy.

I hope I am not confusing anyone.



Thank you Dr Wong. Feel free to add your 2 cents any time. I would be open to any other thoughts you have on this situation. Thank you.


@Cinderfella - so the question is whether you've had sufficient PRP? The goal would be to ensure you've had enough. Perhaps then, this would be tailored with anti-VEGF injections (Avastin, Lucentis, Eylea). Very subtle differences between the 3, but sometimes helpful to change if one doesn't seems to work.

The first thing, however, is not confuse focal laser with PRP (also known as "surround" or "scatter" laser).

How is your central vision, i.e. your ability to read?



My central vision is actually pretty good except that I have developed cataracts from all the work I have had done. I have had focal lasering too for some macular edema that has been sufficiently treated. My doctor says my left eye is fairly stable and could tolerate the cataract procedure. We are hoping to get my right eye under control so the the cataract can be done on the left. My left eye has had pretty much all of its peripheral vision lasered away. I was hoping that my right eye could require less lasering away of the peripheral vision but I guess it’s just not going to go that way. I still have a fairly wide scope of view in my right eye. It’s the only peripheral vision I have left. My concern on losing it is driving. I already bump into things that I can’t see on the left. I have had so many near misses with driving, etc.


Hi Cinderfella. I'm pretty much going through similar stuff with you. I can't imagine how you work on top of it. You must be Superwoman!! I "work" at home, gardening, putting up food, and caring for the house and livestock, but no harder than I feel up to on any given day. So lucky that way. I wish you were too. Your life sounds truly difficult.

Monday I had Avastin and some laser in my right macula to stop bleeding/inflammation there. Vitrectomies in both, no peripheral left in my left eye (PRP), about half of peripheral left in my right, but my right macular retina won't stop bleeding so I keep needing more laser (the gentler kind for macula) and Avastin shots. I hear you about bumping into things and people that seem to pop out of nowhere. I've developed this owl-like head/shoulder turning when I drive - hyper driver's ed-type checking for lane changes, stop lights/signs, and merging.... I live rurally, so if I lose driving I will become totally dependent on my husband for EVERYTHING. Ugh.
My bleeds are not as dramatic as yours sound, though I did have a couple like that in my left eye a few years ago, before all the work. Left is stable for now.

Anyway, I am sorry your retinopathy is so relentless. I get really down too. It just breaks a person's heart and spirit, and no one really understands. You can look forward to the cataract surgery, though - it's miraculous, I thought. I've had both eyes done, followed by yag surgery and you won't believe how bright colors look afterwards! Magical.


Hi, Cinderfella,

I am so glad Dr. Wong stepped in.I didn't know what to tell you, but you aren't alone.

I've been seeing a retina specialist for two years now for laser treatment and injections. I need cataract surgery, too. The corrected vision in my left eye is about 20/50 and wonky from scarring. The corrected vision in my right eye is 20/40, which is minimal for driving in this state.

When I started this, I was told I was legally blind, so my vision has actually improved from treatment. But I've been blind, and I am frightened that I will be again.

Be brave, and know we are with you.


Thank you ladies for coming forward with your stories. I had a whole lengthy response typed up several hours ago to this post but it seems to be lost in cyber space. Maybe it will show up, maybe it won’t. Anyway, I’m sorry we all have to go down this road. I’m comforted by hearing what you have to say. Thank you again.


I just wanted to thank everyone for the good wishes during my vitrectomy. Also the double vision is gone. Glad to be past this. The other eye needs some work but one day at a time. I am grateful to be living in this amazing time. Vikki


wonderful news!
Best of luck and let us know how things go!


Best of luck.



I had swelling of my eyeballs earlier this year that cleared up within a few days after seeing my doctor. I think I may have it again. I have the same feeling I had then of just not being able to see correctly even though my vision isn't exactly blurred. Has anyone else had this same problem?


I just got around to reading the "eye' comments and decided to chime in although it's almost Nov. and nothing new recently. I'm a 90 year-old guy who has had diABETES for more than 10 years and have developed glaucoma, as well. I've had cataract surgery before all that which is still being treated at the VA with monthly injections. I was doing pretty well for awhile with Lucentis and when they switched to Ayela (/), I suffered a stroke which affected my vision sufficiently to cause me to have give up driving and SOME MEMORY LOSS. (I get confused about locations.) They have returned to using Lucentis for my monthly injections which has not impoved my condition but has pretty much kept my residual vision stable. I have difficulty in close vision qhich is a struggle with my current (old) glasses. Hupefully, new lenses when I complete the current series of shots, will improve this. I'm curious of anyone else reading this has had a similar experience - or if D.Wong or other specialist might comment on my situation. I am very worried about losing what vision I still retain. I have a totally blind son (congrnital) who lives with me and as a caregiver, who also assists me with driving, etc. The VA Drs. change frequently, which also affects my confidence that I am getting the best treatment for my situation. Hope to hear some optimistic news, anyone?


To Randell Wong:

I really need some SERIOUS Ophthalmologist ADVICE. My eye doctor won't listen to me. I'm trying to set up job accommodation at work for my diabetes retinopathy. He said there is no listing for blurry vision,floaters and flashes and my job won't give me frequent breaks. He said wearing glasses after eye injection will solve ALL my vision problems. I told him I used low vision aid magnifiers, and I failed 2 production and my job is on the line. My eye doctor wouldn't sign the doctor note papers and he just made an appointment to get new glasses for me next week

I'm struggling to work and survive. He won't help me get disability or job accomendation so how am I suppose to work. What should I do, should I get a new doctor or just lose my job. P.S My job already turn me down for modify workload, frequent breaks and days off to rest my eyes struggling to see.. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO. I'm scared and worried


There can be several reasons why your doctor "won't" sign your papers - one very good reason could be that with therapy and/or glasses, you might see better. Also understand that ratings exams for disability are completely different exams than a dilated eye exam looking for diabetic retinopathy. Much more involved and most doctors do not know how to do this...myself included.


my eye doc never thought i should retire, even though i had difficulty driving in darkness, both to and from work, increasing difficulty with computer and seeing clearly while teaching. i retired with support of endo and GP and neurologist. Dr. Wong has good point to consider…they are unaware of the testing needed.


Randell, I had to leave my job 2 years in row because my diabetes retinopathy. I can't afford anymore to say to my job one day, my vision is fine and next week week ,I can not see I need an eye doctor to either help me get job accomendation at the workplace or disability. I can not survive without neither anymore. Until this issue is resolve I can not work .I'm 44 years old so I can not retire. I need help.


My eye doctor would not support me in a claim if disability either. He says that he does not advocate that people give up and stop living their lives in any way. That was four years ago that I asked him. I’m still working. I have made my own accommodations at work- better lighting, magnifying glasses, increasing the font size of everything I print, etc. I recently had my eyeglasses updated and spent more money on them than I ever thought possible. They are working for me, which is a good thing. So my attitude is that I know I have done everything in my power to keep myself going. If its not good enough for my employer, they’ll have to “can” me. I hope it doesn’t end that way. I’m 56 and would like to be able to make it to 60 before I stop working. The only thing I feel bad about is that I miss a lot of days for appointments. My eye doctor is not close so it’s a whole day off to go see him. I some times fall behind because I’m out several days a month just for that.



My job is a state seasonal /temp clerical job so I do not have the "same " rights as a perm worker. If I leave this job(on unpaid sick leave now ), I will have to deal with finding a job that will accept a low/poor vision worker who needs job acoommedation. Cinderfella,No more will I put my health in jeopardy, I already lost a toe putting my job first for 10 years and not my health and asking for job accommedation. Also if i leave my current job, I still have to pass a job probation and job production. I can not promise any job, i will need to take more frequent breaks to rest my body and eyes during work, take days off because of my diabetes or loss of vision. For two years, I come back from work from unpaid sick leave and once I came back to work, my eyes started to bleed and lost of vision . I had to tell my job , umm i need to go back on unpaid sick leave leave because my diabetes retinopathy. Enough is enough for me. I wish I can retire but I'm 44 years old and my state job doesn't give me retirement so i am stuck


Sorry for your situation. This is a brick, and I can sympathize. If your eye doc won’t help you, maybe your GP can support you in a disability claim and take ALL if your diabetic complications into account. I bet when you start adding it all up, there’s a lot more at play than just retinopathy. I also have neuropathy with a history of falls and fractures. I got a handicapped placard for my car with that one. Keep trying. Hopefully, you will find someone who will listen to your situation and be in a position to help you. Again, I would never dismiss anyone on their vision situation. For me, I’m trying to hang in as long as I can at work to max my pension.



I’m just tired of being a dietetic. IO’m tired of eye injection and the pain in my body.