Do you have one goal or multiple goals?

I use ‘Success Report’ to evaluate how I am doing. I have a hard time focusing on ‘Mean Glucose’, ‘Standard Deviation’ and ‘% in Target’ at the same time. To lower ‘Mean Glucose’ I need to take a chance at leaving my target range at the low side. Thus ‘Mean Glucose’ and ‘% in Target’ are conflicting goals. I am considering to focus on ‘Mean Glucose’ and to not actively drive the other measurements. What do you do? Do you have one goal or multiple goals?

If those are your three eventual goals, then it makes sense to start with mean glucose and get it wher you want it. The standard deviation very much involves the mean glucose in the way it is calculated. So that could be your second step. When you have a mean glucose and standard deviation that you like, you can decide what your comfort range should be. When my standard deviation was near 30, my range was wider. Now that my standard deviation is smaller, my range is more narrow.

I would watch all three of those items but attempt to improve them one at a time, in the order suggested.

For my own personal goals, now, I am so much involved with getting my book published that I am not paying much attention to my CGM. I have put my Dexcom aside for awhile. I will tackle that again after my book is published. I guess I am tackling one thing at a time too. I will never ignore my BG control though. That is just an integral part of my everyday life.

As far as I am concerned the HA1c value is the most meaningful measure of BG control. My doctor runs this test for me every three months. In the final analysis, we try to control our BG, to postpone other problems from chronic Diabetes. HA1c values have been co-related to the presence or absence of Diabetic complications. The long term effectiveness of our daily efforts is summed up in the HA1c value. I want mine HA1c values to be no higher than 7 and would prefer them to be closer to 6.5. This is a stringent target for me. I set my DexCom upper limit at 160 and my lower limit at 70. I want to see steady BG levels in the 80-90 range for as many hours of the day as I can manage. Meals always cause BG peaks which I try to shorten and minimize with Byetta and Novolog. For more information read this article.