Do you know excel formulas that can help me make sense of my numbers?

Hey d buddies,

If you know excel formulas, please please PLEASE could you help me make sense of my numbers?

Background: I've used many an iPhone app and method to log my readings, but have never found quite the right method, you know how it is - there is certain data I want to log but then the app doesn’t allow that field or the writing just gets too much.

Anyway - I recently found the best app - TapForms, and it allowed me to create a logging form with just the details I want. The result is I can now capture data quickly and EXACTLY the way I want.

The export file from this database (db) is a CSV file, attached to this discussion. If you are any good at excel formulas, please could you help me extract the following:

  • Avg Glucose (Column C) by Time of day (Column B) by day
  • Line graph of Glucose (C) by day (A - each has time stamp, can you group by day?)
  • Pie chart of Glucose readings (C) by week. low range, in range, above range. Low range = x<4, In range = 47
  • Scatter graph of all readings (C) by time of day (B)
  • Std deviation (highest vs lowest) of Glucose (C) by day.

There'll def be more I'd like to get, but for now that's it. I've just spent 5 hours trying to get something done, but I just cannot get my head around these formulas!

Thx so much!

3092-DiabetesLog9.xls (70.5 KB)

They key to the analysis that you want is likely to be the function called Pivottable.