Do you remember when you started to lose your sensitivity to low blood sugars?

oh I am defiantly feeling lows less and less! Just today I decided to check since I realized it had been a good 3 hours since I last checked and my blood sugar was at 37! I was so surprised that I had to test again. It's starting to actually really scare me because I have been known to feel them normally and I dont know how to fix that.

My awareness has been strange. I have been T1 for about 21 years now. When I was a child, I had really bad hypo unawareness. There would be times that I was in the 30s and have no idea. My mom, though, could look at me and just know I was low. I have no idea how she did that. Now, though, I can feel my lows much more. I don't know why. I did go through a period in college when I was rather unattentive to my blood sugars but that was several years ago. My problem now is hyper unawareness. My blood sugar can be 350 and I will feel completely fine. Fortunately that does not happen too often, but just the other day I had my pump in a place with poor absorption but I had no idea until a few hours later when I tested and was really high.

When you lose sensitivy, you basically begin to feel less. I think the biggest indicator is how many low BGs you have. The more lows, the less sensitivity you will have.

Never really noticed the difference until the paramedics showed up at work. Keep records and monitor your trends,please. And, it is not the end of the world. Monitor, contro....

Wow I didn't know this was actually a possibility. I'll definitely have to look into it. I've had diabetes for six years now, I guess I have time before it develops.

I've lost quite a bit of the symptoms but I still feel pretty "buzzed" when I run low so I don't worry about it that much. Another thing I've noticed is that if the buzz "fades" when I've been running lower than normal, I can sort of back off on the heater a bit or, even better, eat some more junk food and run a shade higher and the buzz will come back?

For me, my low sensitivity started to decrease after about 15 years. The reasons for the Hypo unawareness can vary from super tight control, to simply having the disease for many years. CGMs can help with this, and at least point out trends, or you may want to look into a service dog that can detect lows, if your unawareness is pretty serious.


i think when you are consistenly low for a while you feel it less and less. Last night I was 64 before bed and only caught it because I was taking my routine bedtime reading. This morning, I felt a little low and was 49!

I heard recently that hypo unawareness was due to autonomic neuropathy, but I haven't been able to check that fact anywhere yet.

I know exactly. It was about 8 years in?? Can't remember if my second daughter was born. I was driving home from a Dr. appointment where I had to fast. I guess I didn't eat in time and before I could make it home,( feeling fine the entire trip home, I might add) I suddenly woke up with my car on its roof in the ditch and I'm sitting on the side of a hill with some stranger telling me it'll be OK. Ever since then I've had issues.

You can bring some awareness back by keeping bs levels even or on the higher over time. Or at least not having lows should help I think.

53 years here and I don’t feel a thing when it is around 37 but if it drops below that my eyes go all lights out and I can’t see. I have what has always been referred to though as “brittle” meaning it was up and down because of Hashimoto’s thyroid disease. I was in my early 50’s though when I started to no longer feel when it was low. I was 8 when diabetes was found in me. Note: My doctor is diligently working with me to change pump settings so that it is higher when I retire for the eve. Delicate fine balance without it being too high or too low.

Ah so funny Brunetta and me too here but 53 instead of 43 years. I once invited the nurses who were caring for me over for Sunday dinner that was going to be a BIG spread… ha ha and I HATE to cook. This was while I was in the hospital though having my baby girl. I was given a shot of glucagon and was so embarrassed to find all of the nurses looking at me like I was crazy. Say WHAT girl? I was only 20 years old to boot. LOL!

I was diagnosed at the age of 5 in 1965. Back then, my parents would say my pupils would dilate, so that’s how they’d know I was low. I’d know when I’d talk because I sounded different to myself when I talked, it just sounded different. And I’d get so angry with/at people that I’d get into fist fights.

I never got the shakes back then or now. I only get sweaty when I’m dropping rapidly. This can happen anywhere from the 50’s to the 30’s.

Now I can tell when I’m low because I get an upset stomach. I can’t trust the CGM because it doesn’t work right for me. I only wear it because my endo insists I do. So when my stomach starts to hurt, I go check my blood sugar then look at the CGM. More often than not, the CGM is in the normal range.

Are you using a Dexcom CGM? If you are finding it very inaccurate, you may not be calibrating it optimally…

I lost it very early. I actually would get a reaction after I ate something and the about ten years into it I could not tell if I was High anymore. I don’t remember the exact date but it now both high and low… Have however developed spots in my eyes when I am low so I can’t see anything when I am really low

I am calibrating both the Dexcom and the CGM on my Tandem G4 correctly and optimally. There are just a few of us juvenile onsets /type ones who for whatever reason CGM’S don’t work well for us. It got marginally better after the G4’S became G4/G5.