Do you take Victoza? Introduce yourself here!


I too have experienced no weight loss after an initial 8# loss, but my BG levels are great! My appetite is fully back where it was before & I’ve lost the early feeling of being full when eating - what is still there is some nausea now & then! I appreciate all the comments about keeping the pen in the fridge & will try this to see if there is any effect…I live in a cold snowy area & the house is definitely not over 68 degrees all winter but maybe that’s the trick! Thanks for all the info here!


Update on my 3 month check up after starting Victoza. I am now at 1.8 units of Victoza once a day, 60 units of 75/25 Humalog Insulin in the morning and 36 units before dinner 1000 mg of Metformin and 10 mg of Lisinopril to protect my kidneys.
Now to the GOOD news my A1C went from an 11 to 6.9.
I am so happy and now know the key to successfully battling Diabetes.
A good specialist that can keep you informed of the newest medications and a staff that can provide important nutritional advice and guidelines that allow you to make better choices when preparing and eating each meal. All of these items
coupled with positive family support it is possible to change your life.
Stay strong friends. Yeah!!! for me.


First day and fingers crossed it does what it says on the tin. I will keep you informed.


CDEPat messaged: “I feel good that I stuck [Victoza] out for 6 mos. but I’m tired of not feeling well. Hey! Have been wanting to ask everyone here if anyone experienced a Shingles outbreak after starting this med or any other type of hives, etc. I’ve had shingles nearly the whole time also. Thanks everyone!!”

Hives are caused by histamine from mast cells, and are often idiopathic (no known cause) but there’s no doubt about shingles, caused by varicella zoster virus (herpes family) which can be very serious. As you no doubt know, the virus can hide for a long time until it springs back to life. Since that happens a lot with people who don’t take Victoza, I would guess that Victoza isn’t involved. Not so sure about hives, which are much less serious but I’m sure are upsetting.


Has victoza made anyone nauseated? Or give them pain in their lower abdomen?


Today I hit my goal weight!! Words can’t express how much Victoza and my diagnosis has changed my life. I feel better than I have in years!


I have been taking it for a couple of weeks now. It doesn’t help my PP at all, but in fact makes me go hypo at the 4 hour mark.

What it does do is help my fasting numbers slightly.

IMO, it’s not worth taking for myself. Insulin still has the best bang for the buck.
My last A1C a couple of weeks ago was 5.1 .

How’s that for control?

PS the previous 2 A1C’s were 5.2 and 5.3 going backward in time.


Hi everyone,
I too my first shot of this tonight. Felt a bit dizzy - but only for a minute. Wondering how this will work. I’ve had issues losing weight all my life. Pray for me!


I took my third shot this morning. I’ve gotten sick both nights since I started on Victoza, but my BG is great! Staying right around 90 - 100 and I’m still on the lowest dose. I just hope that throwing up isn’t the key to the weight loss!


I do not use this medicine. I am on Care Team and trying to get an answer for a lady. Does she take VICTOZA before a meal> She was doing it at breakfast. Now she takes it at bedtime been sick from it her question do you take VICTOZA with FOOD? Thanks.


SEAGATOR, It depends. My endo did not give me any specifics I just assumed to take it in the AM with my morning meds. It will make some, or most, sick to the stomach at first. Most will get over it in time. If not, a new course of treatment may be necessary. I played with it and found out if I forced myself to eat 10 minutes before injecting in the morning I felt much better. 3 weeks after doing this I no longer was nauseated.


I take mine after breakfast in the morning. I started on .06 for a week and then went to 1.2 and had to go back to .07 because I have a sensitive stomach that needs to get use to it


i take mine in am , after brkfst. 1.2for about 3months. get occasional diearhea but other than that ok…my a1c. went from 9.6to-6.5 and after having numbers in the 400+ ill take the low nubers


Hello all! My doctor is pushing pretty hard for Victoza. I’m a little nervous. I was wondering if I could get some feedback. I have been trolling the forum a bit. I just thought I would ask directly. I really do appreciate any and all information you can give me. Thanks!


I’m three months into Victoza. It’s’ not as efficient as it was in the beginning, but I’m only on the .06 dose. Combined with walking one mile 4 or 5 times a week it’s still doing a good job of controlling my sugar. I plan on moving up to the 1.2 dose beginning in August though.


Ive been on Vicotoza for about 3 weeks. My blood sugars have seen awesome. Ive lost alittle weight and am very happy. Howvere, I am exhausted from this stuff. Does anyone else have the fatigue with it and does it wear off? Thanks.


i did have alittle fafigue but it went away , keep checking you bs , mine was going too low so i had to compinsate with a drink or small snack.


Hi!! I’m writing from Portugal where they just started to speak about Victoza. I’m T1 and fight everyday with my overweight. Victoza appears as a good solution for me. Is someone on Victoza and T1? Could you tell me if result for one T1? Thank you


Today was is my second day on Victoza. I had to switch from Janumet to Metformin in order to use Victoza. Also reduced my Levemir to 30 from 35. I feel a little bloated, but not too bad.
But I have had itching on a lot of places in my body.
Is it possible that the itching has anything to do with Victoza. It only started about 10 hours after my first Victoza shot, and it is not normal for me.


I started Victoza on 9/1/11 so far I have lost 7lbs… Im taking 1,2 dosage