Do you tape your sensors immediately after insertion?

(With Flexifix or whatever...) Do you find it makes a difference in sensor longevity? I usually wait until I see the sensor adhesive starting to curl, and I'm wondering if that's the reason I rarely get more than 9 days out of a sensor. (Maybe it's wiggling too much, or moisture from showers gets underneath.) Do you think it makes a difference?

I also wait until the adhesive starts to curl, usually after 7 days. Mine usually last about 14-16 days, sometimes 21. I do cover it with Glad Press 'n Seal for the shower. I think it helps.

I do - I will say it's made a difference in keeping the sensor nice and secure (between daily workouts and showering I was seeing the sensor adhesive curl after only 2 days before) but I still end up changing my sensor every 10-11 days.

I'm trying to picture this...How do you stick the Press 'n Seal onto your body? Do you wrap a strip around your arm or middle?

with what kind of alcohol do you clean your skin with beforeI use the 91% alcohol instead of the 70%then after my skin is clean I put a thin layer of glue called skin Tack…and then after about 10 or 12 days I might relayer with that skin tak

No, just a big piece of film over the sensor and the skin, maybe... 6x6 or 8x8 inches. No need to wrap it around the abdomen or arm. It sticks to the skin but it's NOT completely waterproof. I do get some water under the film every once in a while. However, I haven't had any issues with moisture since I started doing this. It's definitely not pretty but it works! :-)

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I use iv prep to insert and then "paint" over the tape of the dexcom (after connecting) with the IV prep to ensure a good seal. Then I only use opsite flexifix when the adhesive starts curling after a few days. I usually get at least 21 days and that's with daily workouts and the occasional hot bath. I think it's important to make sure that the skin is as dry as possible BEFORE putting the tape on the dexcom. So don't do it after a shower or perspiring - wait several hours.

I use an alcohol prep pad on my skin before inserting, then I place the sensor. After that, I swab the top of the Dex adhesive patch with skin tac, and immediately put on a tegaderm patch. That definitely works better for me than doing it later when the Dex starts to peel up. I always get at least two weeks out of my sensors, sometimes up to three or more. Also it’s nice just to do the process once, and be done with it for a couple of weeks. Occasionally, especially if I’m wearing the sensor on my arm, I’ll cut a small piece of tegaderm to patch it if the original piece is starting to peel up.

I use Opsite Flexifix 4" tape from day 1. I usually get at least 2 weeks from a sensor but more often it is at least 3 weeks. I just cut a sheet of the tape - cut a hole out for the transmitter and put it on immediately after applying the sensor. I don't have any problems with it peeling or moving. I have done it since I started using the system in November 2012 so I can't speak to whether it makes a difference or not. But it works well for me.

Always tape from the start. Once the sensor tape comes up it is difficult to stick back down.

Thanks, I'll try this tonight!

I use Skin-Tac first, and wait for it to dry, while leaving a hole for the sensor or set to go through without getting gunky. Then I insert set of sensor, and cover with IV300, cut out to shape for set, and just 4 halves cut long-ways for sensor. I usually can get 14 or 16 days from this technique. I figure at least I'm getting double usage, even though others have gotten longer, but it doesn't matter THAT much to me -- I'm still being as economical as possible. Good luck if you try this! :-)

Lately, I've been taping when it starts to curl but admittedly it doesn't work as well as when I "painted" the adhesive material with Skin Tac. I change mine every two weeks because my insurance buys a 90 day supply of the sensors and if I don't change them every two weeks, they're out of date before I get them all used.

My sensors start to curl day 1, but if I put skin tac on let it start to dry and place sensor it stays on until I use uni solve to remove 4 weeks later when the sensor stops working 100%

This is a whole day old now but, I also tape at beginning. Otherwise, the small oval of tape starts to curl within 3 days. My regimen:
Prep skin with IV prep
After insertion, I put one Opsite flexifix horizontal across lower half of transmitter (which is vertical on arm) and another across top, overlapping in middle. Then, I take a third flexifix and cut it straight down its middle lengthwise to get two pieces. I put one half on each side of the transmitter to extend the short tape sides.
It is covered all around. Even so, I have to trim tape edges and use two new flexifix tapes at about day 8.
Mainly because the tape is fairly ragged at 2 weeks for me and I have decent insurance, I change at day 14. And start all over.

I do, usually, with tegaderm

As soon as I finish inserting it !