Do you test during the night?

Do you actually set an alarm to test during the night?

I do not.

I test if I wake up and I feel like something is wrong, other than that I don’t.

I do not set an alarm, but I test durng the night. I drink about 8 ounces of water before going to bed and then am “naturally” awake at about 2 a.m. - just the right time for me to see whether or not my dawn phen. is kicking in. I like to be about 90-110 at that time of morning. If I’m lower, then a rebound will also be starting, and dp plus a rebound will get me waking up at 250+.

No but whatever time I wake up during the night I have my moniter on my nigt stand and gheck it then. Sometimes as many as 5 times a night other times maybe once!

I am lucky to remember to test during the day. LOL

I can’t imagine waking up in the middle of the night to test.

I know that may sound bad of me, but is an honest answer.

I test during the night if I need to adjust my lantus or if I had an unusual amount of exercise during the day. My work has had us taking occasional shifts in the warehouse lately, and I always go low the night following a shift. Almost makes me want a pump.

I do set an alarm to test during the night, but usually just when I think I may have over/underbolused or if I change my infusion set right before bed. I recently got a CGM, which is great except that the alarm is usually not loud enough to wake me - so I still set an alarm to test sometimes. I sleep like a rock and I often turn off my alarm without waking up, so like Kathy I drink a lot of water before going to bed.