Do You Think 'Donuts for Diabetes' Challenege is Irresponsible?

We ran an article today on Diabetes News Hound about a diabetes fundraiser involving eating lots of donuts and running sponsored by Krispy Kreme. You can see it here: Krispy Kreme Sponsors Donuts for Diabetes Challenge

There are generally two schools of thought on fundraisers like this. One says that any money coming in to help find a cure for diabetes is a good thing. The other says that this type of fundraiser has good intentions, is irresponsible.

Which camp are you in?


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No… No, I don’t. Realistically, the audiences of people we want to talk to are people who rarely, if ever, think about their health or their diets… or that Type 1, or 2, could never happen to them… and those people don’t generally or for the most part hang out at some health food place, or vegan restaurant, where we can raise awareness. Chances are, the people at healthy places already ARE aware. Most people have a misconception that Diabetics can’t have sugar – so, the contrast of a Krispy Kreme with JDFR, imho, would bring a lot of people to look up if this really is true, will get them thinking about the sacrifices PWD have to make, think about getting tested, and even be moved to donate! These events are NOT geared toward people who have Diabetes, and have it in control… they are geared toward drawing a crowd of people who are otherwise, completely ignorant about Diabetes, into learning, being aware, and donating… And even getting tested. New, and crazy? Perhaps. Irresponsible? Hardly. People take their donut eating abilities for granted… if you make them think about Diabetes, well… It’s almost like holding a marathon, raising funds for those can’t run.

I suppose it could be called irresponsible, but I do have to say if you love irony it’s hilarious. At least they know where to donate their money for a good cause.