Do you toss Dexcom inserter in trash?

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I remember well the days of test tube urine testing and home syringe and needle sterilization. I think all has improved with new tools, except for an unacceptable amount of plastic trash. I rejected the insulin pump as a stupid technology after a 3 month trial, too wasteful! It’s nice to know what’s really going on with my blood sugar.

Re: the sensor disposal
I’m doubtful the sensor wire can really infect, but i have no data. Meanwhile, I’m clipping the wire into a sharps container with a toenail clipper and sending the sensor to landfill.

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Look at what I have to throw away with CPAP supplies every so often :man_facepalming:

Cushion, 10’ tubing, head gear ( which is the cushion, Velcro straps, clasps, everything), filter, I don’t use the water tank, but that’s replaced every so often too. :cry: :cry:

I opt out of being sent the water tank though.

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I deconstruct the G6 inserters, remove* the actual sharps to a sharps container, and put the metal and plastic components into our recycling system. The shell and button can be separated by density, nylon and poly can be ground and used as fillers, are buried as garbage, or burned like medical waste is supposed to be.

The G6 sensor wire and contacts are attached to a small swinging panel that can be easily removed by twsisting and treated as medical waste. The adhesive patch can be remived from the sensor frame which is recycleable plastic if you area is set to do so, and both te frame and patch can be discarded as garbage.

I switched to steel cannuals after my first infusion set delivery. 1/4 the stirage volume, 1/10 the waste.

While I could find a lot of applications for those clear plastic outer covers, 121/year is too much. If that plastic gets burned it’s noxious. It and the nylon are non-degradable. While sharps are fewer and easier to remove than from the G6 inserters, I was happy to reduce the volume of non-degradable waste.

I spray 91% alcohol in my sharps containers before taking them to a disposal site. It fumigates, then evaporates. If someone gets an infection from handling the contents, it won’t be from me.

All the straight wire pieces of those inserters can be cleanly and completely removed with a needle nose pliers twisted against the plastic surface that holds it. You can see through the perfect holes they leave.

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I put the G6 inserters into recylcle after cutting the point off with small wire cutters.

I’ll also keep pulling those out with pliers, happy to make sure it’s safe as can be. =)

Love that idea!
I thought it would be worth contacting them, just to let them now how frustrating all the waste is (told them how there are MANY of us who feel that way.)

Then I mentioned there is no way to get a transmitter with out a half inch thick, printed instruction book every 3 months. In both french and english (in Canada).

Why doesn’t that ONLY come the first time, in a starter kit? I asked.
She thanked me for taking them time to let them know my idea, that they appreciated my feedback, and then asked if they could send me some complimentary Dexcom sensor OverPatches (handy in the hot sweaty summer, I guess).

SURE! I say.

Irony of ironies, they send me this massive box and the only thing inside is something that could have easily gone in a tiny (3x5") card envelope!! OMG. The waste!
(pump pictured for scale)


These free patches are always available and come in normal mail. Assume you got them Fedex just to keep you happy with quick service.

I got some patches in my mail today, about a week after I filled out the order request.

(for US)

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go to know the huge box isn’t their standard for shipping, thanks for the info

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