Do you use a Dexcom G5?

Hey Dexcom users!

Diabetes Hands Foundation (the nonprofit that runs TuDiabetes) is a patient-led organization and we strongly believe that the patient’s voice should be heard at all hearings where decisions that affect the lives of people living with diabetes are being made.

In a few weeks, the FDA will be holding a hearing to discuss changing the guidelines for the Dexcom G5 that would allow for diabetes management decisions (like dosing insulin) to be done using the CGM data.

Diabetes Hands Foundation will be representing all of our voices during this hearing, and we want to hear from you. If you use a Dexcom or if you are a caretaker for a Dexcom user, please fill out this quick survey to help us understand the opinions of our community.

Find the survey here: - If that link gives you issues you can also see it here:

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Hey, Mike, the survey isn’t displaying right on my iPad, e.g., right margin cuts of question text, only first response for #3 visible.


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Grrrrr. I tried to be fancy and have it embed on a TuDiabetes page. This link might work better for you:

Thanks, done! :smile_cat:

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I use a G4 w/ Share, but I signed a petition related to this issue anyway. I’d like to take the Survey, but I suspect if I say “No” to using a G5, that’ll be the end of my survey? In truth, I don’t know why this was limited to the G5. The G4 and G5 use the same sensors - which is the important part in all of this, really. The rest is just how data is transmitted from Point A to Point B, and how it’s displayed.


Did it! (You should, too, if pertinent.)


Done! (and already dose to my Dex)

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An update on this…

We have written a letter to the FDA that will be part of the meeting. And our CEO @Gene_Kunde will be presenting (for THREE MINUTES) on the sentiment of the community. Thanks to all that responded.