Do You Use Protective Plastic on PDM Screen?

My PDM died this week, and I just received a replacement today. It looks so nice and new and I want to keep it that way. Do you use the protective plastic on the screen? I used one on my old PDM and am wondering if I should get another one for this PDM? The plastic screen appears to be pretty fragile, unlike my iPhone screen. Does your screen get scratched if you don't use one?

I had my second generation PDM since it came out until just last week. Funny, mine died also. It malfunctioned twice then eventually was unable to have its records downloaded. I really hated that because the last malfunction was two days prior to a scheduled endo appointment. That being said....I never used a protective cover and had no scratches on my screen. I didn't baby it either.


This is also the second gen PDM that went kaput on me. I had no problems whatsoever with the first one.

I did a bolus Thursday evening, and then the PDM had a message on the screen while the bolus was finishing , to call Insulet and it had an error number. I called and was told to put a paper clip in the battery compartment to reset it. I tried a few times and it didn't work, the screen kept flashing, so I was told that I would get a replacement Saturday, and I have the replacement now. I have to send back the other PDM to them. I hope you got a replacement ok?

I didn't have my settings written down so tried to figure them out from memory. I called the endo office and got the basals from the nurse which helped somewhat. I'll make sure to keep a record on paper from now on!

It's good to know that you didn't have the protective cover and had no scratches.

I had to reboot my PDM twice before. That didn't make me feel all that comfortable with it. They did replace mine and I sent off the malfunctioning one. I DID have all of my "numbers". I keep a record of all of my meds...emergency contacts... allergies and drug reactions...surgeries...PLUS the one thing that doesn't easily come to mind-- 1 unit of insulin reduces my bg by ??? points based upon the time of day. I keep the insulin pump info in my pump case at all times. The latter info seemed to impress the nurse taking info for my last surgery. By the way, I have several copies available in plastic sleeves to hand to my health care providers. This speeds things up, as many just put them in my file. It also allows me more "me" time with the doctor.

Hi Sue. I've never used a screen protector on mine. It has some scratches on it but nothing crazy.

Definitely different than an iPhone screen which is made of glass.

My daughter told me the iPhone screen is made of the same material as helicopter glass (or something like that). If only I could find a way to keep smudges off it!

The iPhone 4 glass made out of Corning "Gorilla Glass". I don't know if they use it in helicopters, but it is strong stuff for it's thickness. And scratch resistant. All smartphones today use it, and iPhone was not the first. Some laptops and touch tablets use it too.

I'd have to say though that I prefered the iPhone 3 glass. It wasn't as strong, but more than strong enough. But, most importantly it was textured to be anti-glare and anti-smudge. A light texture that couldn't be seen by the eye, but could keep glare down and keep smudges much much less noticable. I miss that glass. But unfortunately the going way to build glass for phones and laptops is to have it as shiny as possible, which causes all kinds of glare and smudges. I'll never figure why they think that's better. In older laptops, this anti-glare/smudge glass did "sparkle" due to the texture, but modern anti-glare/smudge glass doesn't do this. But they still won't use it because of a few folks that just won't buy it that way.

Oh well...

I use one. (Guess I'm the only one! haha!) It is a "cut your own size" one from Target. Seems to do the trick.