Do your stretches!

my fiance has been gone for a week and it will be one more before he gets home. this put me in a bit of a fix because he’s my pump assistant. i prefer to keep my sites around the back of my hips (it actually started after i got an infection at a site in my stomach and needed alternative sites and now i’m hooked) and have him place it there, which is good for both of us because it’s less work for me, he absolutely LOVES using the quickset stickum (masochist…), and i think it helps us bond and gives him a productive role in my diabetes care. since he’s been gone i just did my third site change without him since we started doing my hips and my oh my, it takes a bit of flexibility and a very sure hand to do this. i think by the time he gets home i’ll have circuses after me to be a contortionist. you know how owls can turn their heads all the way around? yeah, to put my set into my back i have to do the exact same thing with my torso.

but on to less silly news…been stubbornly logging everything and have seemed to find a few things: 1) nuts are not that helpful to my blood sugars. yesterday it finally clicked in my head that when my blood sugars have been fine all day and then i see some out of the ordinary spike, i had eaten nuts earlier in the day. the fat is giving me random spikes. it’s probably the same reason i spike after eating crab rangoon, but i love that stuff, so i’m going to figure out how to deal with fats in my diet. 2) my basal rates need to be tweaked. i wake up with some lows in the mornings so my 12am - 8am needs to be lowered and i run higher around dinner so that rate needs to be upped. fasting basal checks are really important to evaluate how your rates are really affecting your blood sugars. you really can’t properly tweak anything else (bolus ratios) until you’ve gotten steady reading with your maintinance insulin. 3) logging your numbers is SO important for noticing these little things. when you see the numbers right in front of you it’s so much easier to figure out what’s going on and adjust before you go to an appointment. i don’t want to wait the two months until i see my endo and have no clue what’s going on with my body. and it honestly makes me feel more in control of my situation. i’ve really noticed a marked improvement in my readings since i’ve started writing them down.

oh, geez…another on of those born again diabetics…

My husband is still squirmish when it comes to needles. He doesn’t even like to watch me put my infusion set it. But he claims that he would be able to give me glucagon if he needed to. I hope so! :slight_smile:

I used the upper butt and love handles (less often) and I became somewhat of a contortionist myself. I don’t use an inserting device (I use comfort infusion sets)… so it really limited the options. Once I ran out of places to use, I encouraged my husband again, but he claims that he’s not ready yet. So I resorted to my thighs, which I NEVER could have imagined, but I love it! Lots of unused space there :slight_smile: So I think that I’m set for a while…

And AMEN to the logging. I can’t handle nuts either… too bad!