Doctor in Portland, OR

Hi all
I hope everyone is doing well. Yes, I know I haven’t posted in a long time. I used to be on multiple times a day, and though I enjoyed it immensely, it took huge chunks of time out of my day. Since I’m pretty incapable of doing anything in moderation I figured it’s best just to look at the digests and respond if something strikes me.

Having said that…I’m moving to Portland, Oregon sometime this summer and will need a doctor pretty soon after I arrive. I’m not looking for an endo as I’m used to not using one and I need a PCP for various other medical things I deal with. So Can anyone in Portland recommend a PCP they use?
Thanks all!

Hi Zoe,

I moved to Portland two years ago. I’m really enjoying my urban lifestyle, one I’ve not lived before.

I see doctors at the Oregon Health and Science University, OHSU. This the University of Oregon teaching hospital system. It is a large regional facility that has met almost all my clinical needs. I like that it’s only a 15-minute streetcar ride from my front door. This facility is on the south waterfront along the Willamette River, the SW quadrant of the city.

While I’m going to the OHSU diabetes clinic, I am mostly seeing a physician’s assistant instead of the endo. I also see a PA for my primary care at OHSU. I’d be happy to pass along names if you’re interested.

I like Portland a lot. Welcome to the Rose City!

Hey, Terry. Good to see you again! Glad you’re happy in Portland. I’ve enjoyed my idyll in rural northern California but I’m ready to go back to urban living as well. I’m looking forward to a new adventure. Yes, I’d love the names of your doctors. I seem to recall we can’t submit e-mails here but I’ll try: zoelula2atgmailcom. That alteration should work!