Doctor still in the dark ages

So I had to go to a hospital in another town to see this doctor, semi retired. and when I read his report from my previous visit, he has that I am generously overweight and that I am type 2 diabetic on insulin. Well one I was not over weight when I was diagnosed in 2000 as a type 1 diabetic and 2 I think that a doctor should not guess these kind of things. I started to think if that was written that could effect my eligibility for my pump could it not? so I explained to him that he had made a mistake, he said have you had this since childhood? I said no but I am an adult with type 1, he said no child has type 1 adult’s type 2 does not matter type 1 or 2 we treat the same when on insulin, tried to carry this further but nope he changed the subject. no I am shoked by this. does anyone else have/had this issue where the Dr. is in the dark ages. he retires in two days but his report won’t.
what does one do.

First, find a better doctor, preferably an endocrinologist who is familiar with adult onset type 1 diabetes. Ask that doctor to evaluate you thoroughly for the type of diabetes you have.

And don't panic, most insurance companies allow for type 2 diabetics if the clinical data is there. Any doctor worth your time will make sure they have the clinical data to back the decision up. A good place to start is with a fasting glucose and c-peptide. These will help determine if and how much insulin your body produces.

The last thing is - don't panic. Even if an insurance company denies you, you have the right to appeal their decision. Don't hesitate to appeal and or utilize business complaint reporting agencies such as the Better Business Bureau. I used them when my insurance turned me down for a surgery I badly needed, saying it was experimental. Never mind that the surgery has been in existence for over 60 years. I filed a complaint with better business and suddenly had an advocate at the insurance company instead of having to deal with their "support" line. Worked out really well.

Find a new doc and don't transfer reports.

Yes. You must go to an endocrinologist. I found many general practitioners do not know much about Diabetes. I was lucky that my primary care physician was honorable enough to recommend the best endocrinologist for Diabetes in New Jersey. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when I was 57 due to pancreatitis and Medicare approves every pump except the OmniPod because they say it's a luxury. I'm in the process of purchasing a different pump... Tandem. I'm not thrilled about it but I have no choice. Good Luck.

Misdiagnosis is widespread and unconscionable. I have inveighed against it at length elsewhere so I won't repeat it here. The traditional belief that "only children get T1 and only adults get T2" is very deeply entrenched, but this is the second decade of the 21st century and we know better. That sort of ignorance (or stubbornness) skates very close to the malpractice line, IMHOP. No excuse is acceptable.

You must get a correct diagnosis and your chances of that are enormously greater with an endo. And yes, it can have insurance implications. Serious ones. Just to pluck one example out of the air, it's very, very hard to convince most insurance companies to cover a CGM for a T2. It's possible but insanely difficult. The diagnosis really matters.

I do have a very good endo. this guy I was sent to from my naturalpath doctor due to my pain and they do not know what to do. all my doctors are passing me to someone else as they do not know what to do but keep me on pain killers which is not enogh for me. I need to know why I have this pain and what to do about it now. so I got sent to this guy as I ended up with severe hypothyroidism. so not to worry he is not my regular doctor and he retires in 2 days I just thought how ignorant and if those papers got out and being untrue. well I might have to start over or show them all my blood work.

Exactly David and I just signed a petition for Medicare to approve the CGM along with many people on my Facebook page. They label it a "luxury"... hmmmmm a luxury that saves lives. Doesn't quite make any sense.

Sorry you're having to deal with this. The medical system has enough hoops they make you jump through without having to pile on this kind of nonsense. Good luck navigating the minefield! We're pulling for you. :)

Dear Lord!! 1) You need to dump this doctor,
and 2) You need to report him.....regardless of the fact that he is semi retired, this amounts to malpractice!

I agree with both of you david, and Linda. Was not ther for my Diabetes but he had to put in the report that I was, then we have a debate about it, and his reply at the end was lets keep things simple. I decided to bite my tongue before I made a huge scene or put him through the wall. not a good thing to argue with someone in pain. I just did not have any energy left to figh him on it. I will however be discussing this with the doc that sent me to him that is recieving these reports.