Doctor Visit and Test Results

Irony of ironies, I had an appointment with my endo on 11/10/10 – 1 year to the day I had my first appointment with her! Today I got the results of the lab work. The visit and the labs were a mixed bag of good and not so good and a reminder that diabetes isn’t the only problem I need to watch.

Blood pressure was good, at 110/68. I have better touch sensation in the bottom of my feet than I did 2 years ago (yeah!). Overall, My doctor is very happy with my bgs. I’m still having lows, though recently they’ve shifted from breakfast and lunch to dinner and later in the evening. So, there’s still work to be done in that area.

I was told in 2008 I had osteoporosis – something type 1 women are more susceptible to developing – and I’ve been on alendronate (Fosamax) since then. When you have osteoporosis, the doctors recommend you repeat the DEXA scan they use to detect the condition every 2 years to see if the drugs are working, and obviously, my 2 years was up. I didn’t hear back from the lab, so naturally, I wanted to know what the results were. My spine has a t-score of -2.4, meaning I have osteopenia in my spine because my bone density is quite far below a healthy 20 something (though I’m not a 20 something anymore). Both hips have osteoporosis, though, with the right hip having a t-score of -2.5 and the left hip having a t-score of -2.8. These are somewhat better than the scores I got in 2008, but since I don’t know what machine was used at either site and different machines give different information, it’s very hard to compare the results.

Because of my low bone density and my tendency to not always be steady on my feet, my doctor lectured me about getting adequate calcium and vitamin D intake. She’s insistent on me getting 2000 IUs of vitamin D from supplements/day, though I do think that level’s a bit obsessive.

Now the labs: For the 3rd time in a row, my TSH came back normal, my albumin:creatinine ratio was normal, and my HbA1c came back at 5.5! Cholesterol (non-fasting test) was not quite so good, with the total cholesterol at 232, the LDL at 132, the HDL at 71 and triglycerides at 145. Now, my total cholesterol:HDL ratio is very good (better than ideal) and my LDL:HDL ratio is also very good, but the endo put a note on the report to “start low fat diet, will check fasting lipids next appointment”. Because of the osteoporosis, she also checked my vitamin D levels and found them to be low so she wants me to increase my intake of vitamin D to 2000 IUs per day – 5xs what’s in most multivitamins! Seems a bit excessive to me, so I may just drop it to 1200 IUs/day and see what happens.

Anyhow, it was a bit of a wake-up call for me. Gotta remember that diabetes isn’t the only problem I have!

I just recently went through the B-D-S plus Lab test results back also. You’re not kidding about Diabetes not being the only problem “we” need to watch out for. I was taking Fosamax then my Rheumy switched me to Fosavance since he said it’s Better. No I didn’t ask why. My vit. D has been normal in the past. I have to say, if your Endo said to take 2000IU, then perhaps you should. She’s done right for you so far, yes? Us Ladies in particular, need to use all the ammo we can with these diseases, if we don’t get enough D(and calcium) from other sources.

Perfect A1c! Everyone has occasional lows and highs or a phase of either lows or highs for a while. We usually figure out the problem and try not to repeat it… Your other test results are Fine. That’s what we like to see. 2 thumbs up. :slight_smile:

Congrats on the fabulous A1c! Most agree that the lipid ratio is more important,so congrats there also.

Agree with the others. 2000 IU of D3 is not high at all. Multivitamins rarely contain enough of many nutrients & they hardly ever have D3, the form needed. Adequate sunlight provides 20,000 units of D3 to give you a benchmark. I’ve been taking 5000 IU units & am still not at normal levels. The best test for D3 is 25-hydroxyvitamin D, so check if you had the correct test run. D levels above 50 ng/ml.

The best source of Vit K is natto. The form you want for Vit K is MK-7 that’s an enhanced bioactive form of vitamin K2. MK-7 is responsible for the carboxylation of specific bone proteins needed for building bone. MK-7 also promotes cardiovascular health.

Wow, I would kill for most of your test results. I do agree with others that you should up the vitamin D. A T score of less than -2.5 means that you are at more than 3 times the risk of a fracture. You are way to young to have a hip problem. Vitamin D is central to calcium uptake and low vitamin D alone can cause problems. You are having your vitamin D levels tested, you should not be concerned about vitamin D toxicity. I take 8-10,000 IUs/day in order to achieve average levels.

Getting more vitamin D is an imperative. If you are concerned then go in and get a vitamin D test every quarter to see that you don’t overdose. My bet is you require a lot more than 2000 IUs/day.

Aw, I have been only taking 1000 D3 a day. I guess I will get a bigger dosage next time I buy.

Angela, did you ask for these tests? Or did they just do them because of your osteoporosis diagnosis? Just wondering if all diabetic women should have these tests run.

Yes, I agree with the others. There is no known Vitamin D toxity because it doesn’t keep in the body like Vitamin A.