Doctor Who

Anyone here a Doctor Who fan?

I didnt watch it growing up, but my hubby did. So when it came back in 2005 he was all over it. I didnt watch the 2005 season with him and missed part of 2006, but one night I noticed David Tennant was the current Doctor and I got hooked, had to go back and watch all the OLD episodes, and the ones I missed from 2005 and part of 2006.

When it was announced David was leaving and we were getting 27 year old Matt Smith, I was devestated, Tennant was “my” Doctor.

I’ve seen the premier episode of this season’s (havent been able to watch the 2nd one yet, but I do have it) and was VERY pleasantly surprised to find that I liked Matt.

Any other DW fans around? If so, if you’ve seen any of the new episodes yet, what did you think?

I enjoy DW. New episodes begin tomorrow for me in CA. I may have same experience of liking new actor despite reservations.

OMGosh!!! I LOVE David Tennant!!! My brother used to watch the OLD Doctor Who, ever notice how with each doctor, the scarf got longer?! I love, love, love the new series. I have not seen the new one with Matt Smith, I am not sure I want to risk it. David Tennant was such a BRILLIANT Doctor, I just don’t see anyone living up to his level. Did they at least transition it well? I did not watch the last 3 episodes with David, and I haven’t seen any of the new ones. Should I bite the bullet and go for it?

As much as David’s last episode made me cry, yes you should catch up and watch them before you watch the new one

Of course, part of the mystique of the show is that the Doctor reinvents himself every once in awhile. Haven’t seen Matt Smith yet. I’m only an occasional viewer.

I was also pleasantly surprised by Matt Smith! I was all set to not like him as he was taking over for “my” doctor.

Devon: Definitely catch up!